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Kulluk drilling rig accident stokes fresh fears on Arctic drilling

The grounding of Shell’s Kulluk drilling rig amid a fierce storm in the Gulf of Alaska raised the specter of a fuel spill in the region and provided fresh fodder to drilling foes who insist Arctic oil exploration is too risky to allow. The episode also cast doubt on whether Shell Oil Co. will be able to resume its hunt for Arctic oil this year.  More »

Shell drill ship grounded off Alaska

The Kulluk, which was being towed south to Seattle after drilling in the Beaufort Sea, ran aground on Sitkalidak Island in the Gulf of Alaska  More »

Snapchat withstands Facebook challenge

The smartphone app, whose popularity among teenagers has made it a US hit, has been in the App Store’s top 10 for the past few months  More »

Differences remain over US budget talks

Weary congressmen and senators face more late-night budget bargaining in the coming months despite agreement concerning fiscal cliff  More »

Shell’s Kulluk drilling rig runs aground near Alaskan island

Shell’s Kulluk drilling rig ran aground Monday night near Alaska’s Kodiak Island after a five-day fight to tow the vessel through a fierce storm and 70-mph winds.  More »

Shell In the Arctic: Why Ecological Services Valuation Needs to be Part of E & P Investment Analysis

The 2013 New Year’s holiday did not start out smoothly for the oil industry with news that Royal Dutch Shell’s ice-reinforced hull Kulluk oil-drilling ship, which is carrying 150,000 gallons of diesel and about 12,000 gallons of lube oil and hydraulic fluid, had run aground as it was being towed to avoid an Arctic storm […]  More »

Remaking BP has yet to pay off

Pursuing a strategy some have called ‘shrink to grow’, the oil group has impressed with its divestment programme but growth is still a way off  More »

Boeing to overtake Airbus jet deliveries

Analysts expect US manufacturer to maintain its lead until at least 2015 as group cranks up production of 787 Dreamliner  More »

Chávez said to be in ‘stable’ condition

Leader’s son-in-law and Venezuela’s science minister urges supporters to ignore ‘ill-intentioned’ rumours as president suffers after surgery  More »

Wind tax credit in Senate fiscal cliff legislation

Wind energy may emerge as one of the winners of the fiscal cliff tax negotiations, as compromise legislation passed by the Senate on Tuesday morning included a tax credit for renewable energy, according to the Associated Press.  More »

China to outstrip Europe car production

In 2013 the country is expected to make 19.6m cars and other light vehicles, compared with 18.3m in Europe.  More »

US Senate approves fiscal cliff deal

Republicans in the House of Representatives are preparing to meet to consider the bipartisan budget compromise cleared early on Tuesday  More »

#2 – After The Gold Rush: A Perspective on Future U.S. Natural Gas Supply and Price

The Oil Drum staff wishes a Happy New Year to all in our readership community. We are on a brief hiatus during this period, and will be back with our regular publications early in the new year. In the meantime, we present the top ten of best read Oil D…  More »

S&P 500 poised for new highs in 2013

While at the start of last year investors bet heavily on tech companies, this time around most are favouring cyclical sectors such as industrials  More »

Small deal will deliver more subpar growth

Senate bill only partly cushions impact of going over cliff as reduced fiscal tightening goes ahead and more conflict looms over spending  More »
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