Texas leads nation in energy use, feds say

Texas guzzles more than 10 percent of the nation’s energy, fueled by the state’s growing population and energy-intensive industries, according to a new federal analysis.

While Texas produces more refined fuels than any other state -– with 27 refineries that process nearly 5 million barrels of crude a day -– the refining industry also helps to make the Lone Star State the biggest energy consumer in the nation. Other industries that require large energy loads, like chemicals, aluminum, and glass manufacturing, also have a big presence in the state, the analysis notes.

The information comes from the new state energy profiles released by the U.S. Energy Information Administration. The profiles are stuffed with state-level data, interactive graphics and rankings on energy production, consumption and prices.

The site allows you to map every wind farm, coal mine, refinery and other energy facility in each state.

For data nerds eager to mine the numbers, the EIA released this useful video that walks you through the site’s features:


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