Report: Phillips 66 to build new headquarters inside Beltway 8


A Houston real estate blog is reporting that soon-to-be independent refiner Phillips 66 will build a new headquarters near the Sam Houston Parkway, when it spins off from ConocoPhillips this year. says the announcement was made to ConocoPhillips employees via an email sent by incoming ConocoPhillips CEO Ryan Lance and incoming  Phillips 66 CEO Greg Garland. The note said that the Phillips 66 headquarters will be “within the I-10 and Beltway 8 corridors,” the blog said. The full text of the email doesn’t appear in the blog post.

Phillips 66 employees would relocate from ConocoPhillips’ current headquarters on North Dairy Ashford Road to the new headquarters after 2-to-3-year construction schedule, according to In the meantime, the employees will be housed in auxiliary ConocoPhillips offices in the Westchase District and in the Westlake Park complex on Memorial Drive.

Janet D. Grothe, ConocoPhillips advisor on health, safety and environment, responded to our request for more information with this e-mailed comment:

ConocoPhillips has informed employees that the new downstream company, Phillips 66 –which will be formed as a result of the planned repositioning of the company’s upstream and downstream businesses into two stand-alone, publicly traded companies — plans to build a headquarters facility in Houston. A site has not yet been selected. Construction of this facility is expected to take two to three years to complete.

Simone Sebastian

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  1. EXOKIE says:

    Meanwhile the big complex in Ponca City slowly rots away.

  2. Newdispatcher says:

    Anyone who has been to Bartlesville will be hard pressed to understand why anyone would want to locate the HQ of an oil company there.

  3. olddispatcher says:

    Anyone who has been to, or lived in, Bartlesville for any length of time will be hard pressed to understand why Phillips is not using the skyscrapers they built there.

    They will also be unhappy about having to live in Houston when Bartlesville offers a much higher quality of life.

    Such is progress. Gulf finally left Wortham and Magnoila (Mobil) once left Corsicana and then Dallas. Marland Oil (Conoco) moved its’ offices from Ponca City and everybody but CITGO and BP have abandoned Tulsa.

    Hopefully the Phillips Research Center will stay in Bartlesville.

    By the way, did you know that at one time Bartlesville had more PhD’s per capita than any city in the world? That was because of Phillips 66.

    If you do visit Bartlesville be sure to check out the Price Tower which is the only Frank L. Wright skyscraper ever built.

  4. dingding says:

    ARP-XOM can easily recruit people to their new location; it’s closer to where a huge number of their employees live-Kingwood & The Woodlands. And the amount of land Exxon required to build their campus really doesn’t exist anywhere that isn’t already covered in trees. Like the Woodlands, communities CAN be built (with office space) and designed in such a way that doesn’t require eliminating the existing forest.

    All these energy compant facilities are strategically located closer to where their employee base lives. So if you don’t want companies “cutting down forests” to build places for YOU to work, then don’t buy a house 25 miles out of town in the ‘burbs! You can’t have it both ways.

  5. anonymous CHAD says:

    Good for Phillips66! I hope they don’t choose Westchase. That area is a gangland war zone since Hurricane Katrina.

    Exxon is building in the Woodlands just so they can abandon the HUGE mistake they made by housing their employees near Gunspoint Mall.

  6. blurb says:

    Hey Arp,
    The forest in question was scrub twice cutover pine and weeds. The location is just south of The Woodlands where the majority of ExxonMobil execs live and beacuse Houston refused to talk with them on consolidating their locations (all 12) into one area. Boo-Hoo Houston Lost The Woodlands won. Now go suck a rock.

  7. eddrb says:

    probably could have taken over the space exxon is leaving behind when they move to their new spot. I think 1 downtown and 1 in greenspoint.

  8. PSX_Guy says:

    I believe Simone misunderstood the email which stated that the new facility would be built in the I-10 and Beltway 8 Corridor and not “inside the beltway”.

  9. Commrade_Leftist says:

    That’s right guys, no one chopped a forest down to build your house.

  10. gastonglock says:

    Phippips should move back to Bartlesville; beautiful area.

  11. Theworldsfavoritemexican says:

    Porking of of Heritage Conoco Employees continues.

  12. fencesitter says:

    money talks, BS walks?

  13. SL says:

    I agree ARP, shame on ExxonMobil for cutting down a forest. There is plenty of open land around Houston, closer in.

  14. ARP says:

    This is a big up yours to exurb loving ExxonMobil who decided to go way way out of town and chop down a forest in Spring near the future path of the Grand Parkway for their new HQ. Good luck trying to recruit young engineers to work out there.

  15. Mike says:

    Build it in Westchase Phillips 66!