Transocean asks judge to make key witness testify


NEW ORLEANS — Lawyers for the owners of the drilling rig that exploded at the start of the 2010 oil spill are asking a federal judge to make a key witness talk to them before their trial.

Attorneys for Transocean want to interview Donald Vidrine, who was BP’s well site leader when the well blew April 20, 2010.

Court papers filed Sunday say he’s a key source of information about critical events and decisions made just before the blowout. He was subpoenaed, but his lawyer says medical problems keep him from giving a deposition in person or in writing.

Attorneys for Transocean say medical problems are not an acceptable reason for refusing to testify.

The trial is scheduled for Feb. 27.

Associated Press

7 Responses

  1. locked says:

    Be easier if Transocean just told the truth.

  2. Jackalope says:

    Meanwhile, Transocean continues to block its employees from testifying.

  3. Kb says:

    gezzr…exactly right. The lawyers will pass this back and forth for 2 decades until they extract the millions of dollars they charge for this circus. Keep the gravy train going…appeal after appeal. Then they go to lunch together and laugh about it all.

  4. akh says:

    This is just bogus. Mr. Vidrine has been “unavailable” now for over a year. A legal deposition could be done at his home if necessary. Unless he is on his death bed or mentally incapacitated, it is fairly obvious he does not want to incriminate himself and other BP managers by discussing poor decision-making that led up to the incident.

  5. Trail_Tramp says:

    The Justice Department threating to file criminal charges didn’t help in getting these individuals to testify. They will either no-show or plead the 5th.

  6. gezzr says:

    This is another PRIME example that the US judicial system is NOT geared for TRUTH or JUSTICE but a GAME for the lawyers on each side and paid for by the taxpayer while the lawyers and judge supress evidence for administrative reasons.

  7. CAD1936 says:

    This deposition ought to give us more information. The lawyers will make sure of it.

    BP wouldn’t be “encouraging” one of their employees NOT to testify, would they? After all they are paying one of their witnesses $100K a month TO testify!