BP video gives outlook on rise of renewable energy


If you missed BP’s 80-page report on how energy use will change over the next two decades, now you can view it in video form.

BP has released a visual version of its 2030 Energy Outlook, giving an entertaining summary of how:

1) Renewable energy production will surge

2) Natural gas will unseat oil as the fossil fuel of choice

3) National energy security will move closer to reality

Check out the video for some more takeaways.

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Simone Sebastian

2 Responses

  1. Jerry in Houston says:

    I found the video somewhat misleading in that the headline and the presentation mask the basic fact that their forecast still calls for something more than 75% of world energy demand in 2030 to be met from fossil fuels. This puts BP’s forecast pretty much in line with the other major energy economists so it doesn’t offer much in the way of “news”. Like most in the oil and gas industry, I fully agree that we need to continue to develop renewables for the eventual day when fossil fuels become inadequate; however, that day will come sooner than we are capable of dealing with it if we fail to maintain a robust fossil fuel industry, including the use of fracturing and other critical new technologies, while developing still uncertain scalable renewable sources.

  2. Bill in Houston says:

    Sorry, once Obama is gone renewables will follow him out the door. The future is in gas AND NUCLEAR, something BP won’t touch because they’re too… wussy. Windmills are an eyesore and not very “green.” (Do you think they move themselves on site?). Solar will never be more than a boutique. Yes, gas will most likely replace oil, but BP refuses to discuss nuclear power, to their loss.

    BP will most likely be swallowed up by some other multinational like Shell or Exxon in the next decade.