Fla. hotel sues BP over oil spill claim


ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — A landmark Tampa Bay area hotel claims BP has failed to pay an oil-spill claim of more than $5 million.

The Don Cesar Resort Hotel on St. Pete Beach filed a lawsuit against BP Exploration and Production Tuesday in Houston, where the oil company is based.

The suit claims BP reneged on an agreement to pay the hotel $5.2 million for lost business after the Gulf of Mexico oil spill in April 2010. No oil reached the west-central Florida coast, but businesses suffered because of uncertainty over the spill and the false perception that beaches were fouled.

The suit said the hotel accepted BP’s written offer of compensation last fall, but the company has so far failed to pay.

BP officials did not immediately return a call seeking comment Wednesday.

The suit is the second against BP in the last week. On Friday, a former BP worker sued the company after he claims he was fired claims after alerting federal officials that the company was falsifying data to make the shores look cleaner than they were, according to court records.


9 Responses

  1. Indianpaintbrush says:

    “No oil reached the west-central Florida coast, but businesses suffered because of uncertainty over the spill and the false perception that beaches were fouled.”———
    Seems to me that the media should be a part of this lawsuit since they, (remember Anderson Cooper?), were the ones who played up the idea that the whole Gulf was affected and scared away tourists.They were the ones responsible for the “false perceptions” mentioned.

  2. Trail_Tramp says:

    The hotel needs to be suing Anderson Cooper.

  3. John says:

    A quick question. Will this suit be consolidated with the ones coming up in New Orleans, or will this be tried separately?

    • Dan X. McGraw says:

      The BP oil spill case in New Orleans is a different matter all together. All these case should be tried separately since they have different situations — albeit with a similar complaint.

  4. Michael Roberts says:

    It sounds like the hotel is going after the wrong party. They should be happy that the West-Central Florida beaches were not damaged by oil. If tourists stayed away because of the false perception that the beaches were fouled, the hotel should sue the media and local industries who created that false perception. The state of Florida may have benefitted from the same tourist dollars over the period of prior years, but the dollars may have been spent in Orlando instead of at beach resorts. No business is guaranteed a steady stream of revenue.

  5. bull moose says:

    GCCF? Maybe their response got misrouted to the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy.

  6. DonJuan says:

    Slow news day run the standard BP sued over spill… Guess we can figure and seeing one of these hard hitting “news” articles everydays for the next 20 years.

    • Dan X. McGraw says:

      DonJuan, they filed the suit yesterday afternoon so we can’t report it until it happens.

  7. jpaul says:

    That’s funny suing EPT. That’s a division of BP. These jokers need to go back to the government for their money since all of that was turned over to the feds when Obama “put a boot to the throat” of BP.