FuelFix Newslinks |01.17.12|

ConocoPhillips seeking partner for oil sands assets

Three Euro companies to bid on Anadarko’s Brazilian business

Lack of pipelines drives price differences between Brent and WTI Index

Solyndra 2010 layoffs ‘no es bueno,’ according to White House aide

Anadarko finds more gas in Mozambique

New Frontiers: up next, a new twist on trigeneration out in the oil fields

Range Resources hikes production by 16%

Two still missing in Nigeria rig blaze

Ommegang fears drilling could pollute its water

MIT says natural gas could hurt renewables

The Louisiana-to-Texas Water Deal is Off

Couple blame Range for methane in water

Hydraulic fracturing fingered in oil well blowout

Tesla Falls After Executives Leave Before Electric Model S Debut


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