Feds OK ConocoPhillips Alaska North Slope project


The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has approved a bridge-and-road project that will give ConocoPhillips access to the National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska’s North Slope, the federal agency announced today.

The Clean Water Act permit gives ConocoPhillips the go-ahead for its CD-5 Alpine Satellite Development Project. The oil company has long sought to drill and develop the area and needed the permits to build infrastructure connecting CD-5 to existing pipelines.

The thumbs-up concludes a yearlong federal review and follows approvals earlier this month by the federal Environmental Protection Agency and the Fish and Wildlife Service.

The permit allows Houston-based ConocoPhillips to cross the Colville River, with construction of four bridges, a six-mile access road, a drill pad, two valve pads and pipeline support structures. But the Army Corps says it laid out in its 134-page decision 22 requirements to reduce the project’s environmental impact.

“Today’s decision clears the way for the National Petroleum Reserve’s first oil production,” said U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, in a written statement. “NPR-A has long been cited as an example of the federal government’s commitment to domestic oil production, but in reality the gates to NPR-A have been locked by bureaucracy and regulatory red tape. The Corps’ revised decision finally unlocks those gates.”

Simone Sebastian

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  1. texme says:

    How did this get past the Obama? You would think for a President who is interested in creating jobs, he would have killed this one right away. Just as he’s doing with the Keystone Project. A project that WILL create over 22,000 jobs for several years and this Obama has absolutely no interest in the approval progress for it. This tells me that this president Obama is not concerned about the future of America. More concerned about golf, vacations, head sawing off Muslims and appoligizing to all our enemies.