Honey, I shrunk the Hummer


The Hummer is back, but it won’t remind you much of the gas guzzling monster SUV.

It’s more like the “Honey, I shrunk the kids” version.

My Electric Vehicle scaled down the design of Hummer H2 and turned the gas guzzler into an all-electric car. Doesn’t sound anything like that V-8 monster that used to be popular on U.S. roads?

The car, which is only sold in Europe at the moment, gets more than 60 miles on a single charge, The company gives owners the option of upgrading to a lithium-ion battery that will boost the range to more than 100 miles.

The Hummer HX doesn’t have the roomy interior that its forefather had. It only has room for two people, and it doesn’t have a ton of cargo space either. But you can’t really blame it, since its only 9 feet long (roughly half as long as the H2).

According to MEV, General Motors planned to release the Hummer HX model in the United States, believing that it “would have saved them.” However, after the brand was shut down, My Electric Vehicle stepped in to buy the design.

There isn’t a ton of information on how fast this thing goes, but it’s got plenty of options, including a convertible, heated seats, DVD system and 18-inch rims. It also comes in burnt orange and other terribly bright colors.

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33 Responses

  1. gezzr says:

    Looks to me like one of those little KIA roll-over champs from a few years back.

  2. tboyinhouston says:

    11 MPG in an original Hummer? Why would anyone be so stupid as to buy something that gets 11 MPG?

  3. CjBottomtooth says:

    Kathy, I think you meant mpg, but we understand your problem and overlook the snobby revelations. This car will look good on River Oak Blvd. or Dowling – should you want an economical slow moving DUV (Drive-by Utility Vehicle).

  4. TexKB says:

    Electric? No thanks.

  5. Brian says:

    Love it, could this be more ridiculous. Looks like the price is around 16k for a 20mph or so car. Totally impractical, but for my father who lived in Hawaii, if the thing went 40 it would have been the envy of all. I mean imagine you could drive you car to the golf course then just drive it right onto the course.

  6. Glove says:

    This is why we should of not bailed out GM and Chrysler……

  7. Gnrdude says:

    What a Peace of…………

  8. Dave C says:

    The original Hummer was a “monster”? I assume you include their drivers in your definition? Just wait till you try to put your family into a $40K electric two seater, and don’t have enough juice to drive to shlitterbahn. I wish liberals could comprehend the consequences of their ideas on real people.

    • Dan X. McGraw says:

      Your assumption was incorrect about the “monster” term being used for the driver. It is a “monster” (i.e. large, big or bulky) car though.

  9. Ronald says:

    What a farce! With a top speed of 19MPH, it is a golf cart. Lacks all the safety features of a car too. Completely miss-leading post.

  10. Manny says:

    The 64K question….how much this golf cart costs? 45K? Since their H3 was around 30K and taking into account that is electric this piece of junk might be not affordable at all. Seems like the worst idea to try to do a comeback. Why not put more attention to the H2 and H3 instead of adding another flop?

  11. henry says:

    One thing that turns me away from many of these new “utility” cars is the use of PLASTIC that is supposed to look like metal. This baby Hummer is a good example. It just looks cheap, like a toy. Not something I’d be spending $20k+ on.

    The overall styling of this vehicle is definitely golf-cartish. It looks like a golf cart with a plastic body on it. Obviously they were trying to copy the Wrangler and failed.

  12. TransAmer99 says:

    Very similar to the old Suzuki Samauri. Oddly enough, I’d give one of these a try for trips close to home, the store, etc. – IF they were reasonably priced. And by that, I’m talking the $12-15k range. Being able to remove the top, doors and back cover gives it both utility and pleasure. Kind of like a street-legal Polaris Ranger.

  13. Gary says:

    I wouldn’t call burnt orange a terribly bright color. That looks more like grabber orange or a version of race red ( electric orange) to me…..

  14. Art Vandeley says:

    That thing is fuglier than an H2 with spinners!!!

  15. Clay says:

    This is actually based on the Hummer HX, not the H2, which I would have bought had the real thing ever come to market. If I ever see one of these on the road I’ll probably hit it, simply because it reminds me of the HX I always wanted and this piece of cr@p which they made.

  16. Rick says:

    Just wait until they start catching on fire like the Volt!

  17. Blake says:

    Is it a scaled down version of the real thing? Or a scaled up version of the rideable children’s toy? Whichever it is, I am curious to see one.

    Just don’t type mini in all caps, it may close some confusion and more.

  18. Bob_R_Roberts says:

    Fail. You had to be a doosh to buy the original, you’d have to be some kind of brain damaged doosh to buy this.

  19. Nan says:

    My MINI Cooper has more room and I am sure is faster and a lot more fun to drive.

  20. Darryl says:

    It’s not any more pathetic than the original. I take that back, the original – the H1 – was a serious machine. The wannabe H2 was just a Tahoe in different sheet metal. As for the H3, well, let’s just say P.T. Barnum was right.

  21. saved says:

    Just another over priced impractical vehicle that takes too long to charge for too short of a distance.

  22. tsujones says:

    I was able to keep a H1 for a couple of long weekends because we needed for parades…. the greatest Hummer commercial never produced stared my grade school aged daughters negotiating away everything they held dear…. to keep the H! convertible truck.

  23. Raul says:

    A waste, just like the H2 and H3. The only ‘Real’ Hummer was the H1/Alpha Hummer. Let the brand RIP. It never was a very good offroad vehicle to begin with. Low ground clearance, heavy, bulky and clumsy.

  24. Nunya says:

    Hummer in body style only – no power, less clearance.

    Worthless, except as a status symbol.

  25. al kahuna says:

    It’s a shame they weren’t smart enough to put a person in the photo to add some scale. MORONS ! ! !

  26. Ronald says:

    Can I use it as a golf cart? I’d never have to unstrap my golf bag.

  27. Consumer says:

    This is idiotic. Can we just stop the insanity with the idea that an electric car makes sense right now. They are way over priced and the technology isn’t there yet. Dressing up a battery powered cart to look like a gas guzzler so someone will think it looks good is pathetic.

  28. Kathy says:

    Looks weenie. I’ll keep my 2005 H2. It gets 11mph. But I can drive over Smart cars with it. And that’s all that matters.

  29. Ray says:

    That’s kinda cool. Though it looks a bit like a golf cart kit, at least in the photos.

  30. detada says:

    Looks like a fancy golf cart.