Oil pipeline bills in Nebraska headed for approval


LINCOLN, Neb. — A compromise that would let Nebraska influence the route of the Keystone XL and other major oil pipelines is slated for final approval.

Lawmakers are set to vote Tuesday on two bills to regulate oil pipelines within the state’s borders. Gov. Dave Heineman has said he supports the measures, and has scheduled a bill-signing ceremony after the vote.

One measure would subject the proposed Keystone XL pipeline to a state environmental review. The other would direct the Public Service Commission to review future projects with public input.

Jane Kleeb, executive director of the group Bold Nebraska, has scheduled news conference to outline how pipeline critics will proceed once the special session ends. Bold Nebraska has led a citizen campaign against the Keystone XL along with environmental groups and landowners.

Associated Press

6 Responses

  1. Dollar says:

    Yeah Ok Jethro, but I think you’ve must’ve hit your head on the bottom of the cement pond , the last time you went swimmin.

    You trying to tell me those 10,000 envirowackos circling the White House had nothing to do with the decision, instead Obama was worried about carrying Nebraska in next year’s election.

    Yeah right, Jethro. And just about every political analyst in America will disagree with you also, so I guess they all lying too ?

    Ya know, you can’t let your passion and love for your party blind you to reality.

  2. Jethro Bodine says:

    Dollar, you can lie all you want but it doesn’t change any fact. Hillary Clinton approved Keystone and Obama was set to do so until the Republicans in Nebraska objected a few weeks back.

  3. Dollar says:

    Jethro, it was Obama who delayed this decision.

    And this has nothing to do with pipeline safety across Nebraska, its entirely about Obama and his promises to his green constituency to fight global warming.

    NASA’s Dr James Hansen, who outside of Al Gore is considered to be Mr Global Warming, did not get arrested outside the White House , for protesting KeystoneXL , because he was concerned about oil spills in Nebraska.

    Here is what I consider the definitive breakdown of KeystoneXL, its a fair and balanced discussion …..

    Its not the pipeline, its what’s in the pipeline , that has the greenies stirred up.


    And as for the hypocrites in Nebraska, they have no problem with refined products being transported into their state by truck or pipeline. Or with nat gas piped in to keep their butts warm in the winter.

    They want the good part of oil production without any of the risk.

  4. Jethro Bodine says:

    Republican Governor and Republican Legislature vote to reroute the Keystone Pipeline, and the Chronicle’s Republican hacks have nothing to say about it, having falsely blamed Obama last week like the pathetic shills for the GOP that they are.

  5. TXPILOT says:

    Amen Dollar.The same goes for Fla.,Cal.and the whole east coast.

  6. Dollar says:

    I wish there was a method, of withholding refined products from being shipped to Nebraska.

    Maybe after a few days of walking and freezing, those folks will decide to join the rest of us.

    There is risk in everything. Nebraskans want other people to take that risk for them, so they can enjoy the reward from the risk.