Gas prices sink 4 cents in time for Thanksgiving


An estimated three million Texans will see cheaper gas prices at the pump for Thanksgiving, but the prices are still higher than the average cost last year.

The average price of unleaded gasoline fell 4 cents to $3.15 in Houston, down from $3.19 last week, according to AAA gas watch. Corpus Christi still has the cheapest gas in the state at $3.10, and Texarkana has the highest at $3.22.

Nationally, prices sunk 4 cents to $3.35. Texas saw a 5-cent drop as prices settled at $3.17, down from $3.22 from the week before.

Fuel specialist Bob van der Valk said he expected prices to drop this week as refineries begin running at full capacity.

Van der Valk said the price could drop even more before Christmas.

“The price will come down about a dime a gallon and even go below the $3 mark by Christmas time,” Van der Valk said.

Of course, with crude oil hovering near the $100-per-barrel mark again, the sub-$3 gas could just stay on drivers’ wish lists for Christmas.

But the drop gas prices comes with a caveat — they will represent a new high for Thanksgiving.

The previous Thanksgiving high was $3.08 in 2007.

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8 Responses

  1. Avidfishr says:

    If you don’t think obamma is in charge of the gas prices just sit back and watch them fall over the next 11 months.

  2. Contrary dave says:

    Diesel is heating oil so more valuable in winter. Winter gasoline can contain more butane wichmis cheap. Less ac is needed. Result is cheaper gasoline.

  3. Brian says:

    Yet diesel is still $.50 more per gallon than regular gas?

  4. JB says:

    babydolly, oil companies don’t set the price of oil and Kuwait can charge whatever they want as a gov’t owened oil company.

  5. eiioi says:

    BusH’s fault!

  6. babydolly says:

    And we are supposed to be impressed with these prices as the oil companies make outrageous profits,while ripping us off?? I am not and it makes me even madder to know that in Kuwait the price of gas is 58 cents a gallon…

  7. It is already below $3 dummy

    • Dan X. McGraw says:

      Jennie, there are a few stations that are below $3, but the state/Houston average is still well above the $3 mark. I’ve seen a handful (less than five stations) under $3 right now. Most stations are pretty close to that Houston average.