FuelFix Newslinks |09.22.11|

Tensions spike over offshore energy permits

U.S. churning out deep water permits like its 2009

Venezuela in talks on $6 billion settlement with Exxon

Exxon shuts in Gulf natural gas production after leak

Oil containment co. gets new tanker, takes part in spill drill

Pipeline safety bill clears congressional panel

Texas sues EPA over cross-state pollution rules

Soft drink giants put new life into their containers

Company promotes universal symbol for bioplastic products

FracTech CEO pulls in huge salary

Range shares soar on buyout chatter

James Bond movie takes on solar energy

• Shell chief warns of era of energy volatility

Shell pursuing big Ghana play

The Top 5 oil-backed alternative energy ventures

Eeyore, Tigger and observations on OPEC and the IMF


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