Chronicle cartoonist takes on Obama, Solyndra

(Cartoon by Nick Anderson)


  1. Peeper

    This is only the tip of the iceberg. And we thought Enron was big.

  2. DB

    Peeper – You may be right. To Bush’s credit he didn’t bail INRON out and did a proper investigation which resulted in many ENRON execs doing serious time. The FBI did go into SOLYNDRA with warrants. Lets see how aggressive Holder allows them to be in the investigation. Maybe we should be talking Special Prosecutor. Remember that a major shareholder and major Obama fundraiser, Kaiser, gets his investment back before the taxpayers (over 1/2 billion worth).

  3. The Ghost of Jeff Lynne

    This cartoon exemplies the failures of the Obama Administration. I’m surprised the cartoon Obama wasn’t saying “Bush’s fault.”