Baker Hughes plans to hire about 2,000 workers in 2011


Bakers Hughes Inc. plans to hire about 2,000 workers in the U.S. this year and “several thousand” in other nations, a spokeswoman said.

The company is holding job fairs all over the U.S., Teresa Wong said in a phone interview today.

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  1. mike foster says:


    What makes it worse is the press refers to the $40 Billion in additional taxes as “the elimination of loopholes”. Every industry in the U.S. is allowed to write of the cost of capital investment, but when oil and gas companies write off capital investments in the development of producing and non-producing wells the press refers to the tax treatment as a “loophole”.

  2. Dollar says:

    One segment of the economy that is expanding and creating jobs, and Obama wants to raise taxes on that segment because they are doing so well. And slow down activity in that segment.

    And then give that money away to create temporary jobs in other places.

    This is why the first stimulus failed. They just do not get it.

    Please ………. someone make this stop, make it go away.