Bachmann won’t back off $2 gas promise


If you thought Michele Bachmann would back off her sub-$2 gas claim, you better think again.

The Republican candidate stood by her promise of gasoline under two bucks despite receiving criticism from the public and even some of her fellow presidential candidates.

“The price of gasoline the day that Barack Obama took office was $1.79 a gallon,” the Minnesota congresswoman said during an interview on America’s Morning News radio program. “If the price of gasoline was $1.79 a gallon just two and three years ago, certainly we can get it back down to that level again. Why wouldn’t we be able to do that? We’re a ‘can-do’ America.”

The Tea Party candidate, who won the Iowa Ames poll last week, made headlines last week after she promised $2 gas if elected president. (In case you missed it, here is what she said.)

Bachmann pointed the blame for the high gas prices on President Barack Obama’s policies and failure to tap oil and natural gas resources inside of the United States.

“What Barack Obama has done is lock up America’s energy reserves,” she said. “We’re the No. 1 energy-resource-rich nation in the world. We have more oil in three Western states in the form of shale oil than all the oil in Saudi Arabia. That doesn’t include the Bakken oil field in North Dakota or the eastern Gulf region or the Atlantic or the Pacific or Anwar or the Arctic region.”

She said the United States could tap its oil and gas supply to provide Americans with a cheaper, stable alternative.

“Energy could be one of the most stable, accessible forms of resources for business in the United States,” she said. “And we would create millions of high-paying jobs instantly.”

Is Michele Bachmann's $2 gas promise too bold?

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The Washington Times added a little bit more detail to Bachmann’s $2 gas promise.

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  1. Greg says:

    I am afraid that Bachmann, or any other candidate will not be able to deliver. Much of the oil that she is talking about requires a relatively high price to make extrating profitable. Oil gets cheap based on supply and demand. The new supply has a threshold of profitability that only relatively high prices will drive. And if the econonomy really tanks and things get much worse than they are now, demand will go down, so that will lower price but this will also indicate that we are in deep trouble. If the economy improves then we can expect even higher prices, which increase drilling and mining can offset, but outside of an even deeper economic crisis we can forget about less than $2.00/gal gasoline.

  2. Mike H. says:

    I think she should patent her ideas for recovering cheap shale oil. Yes, a lot of it is around the Rockies, but it never quite becomes cheap enough to take off.

  3. Skip says:

    There is no doubt Michele can keep the $2 pledge if she includes GAS made from multiple feed stocks including Natural Gas, Coal, Algae biofuel biomass, etc. in a flex fuel competitive environment. Industry analysts have stated recently that fuel derived from coal and natural gas feed stocks can be produced NOW for under $2/ gallon. PASS THE DANG “OPEN FUEL STANDARDS” bill ! Otherwise, it will take a little longer as more Oil supplies come online.

  4. Tex says:

    Another religious nut case. Go and visit Graceland.

  5. olddispatcher says:

    Some here have commented on President Obama’s political statements/promises. If you will look at them you can see that there is a chance many of them would be good things and would be, in one form or another, workable.

    But this topic is not about what President Obama might or might not have said or done. It is about a statement Rep. Bachmann made and about how after she was informed of facts in this area ignored the facts and repeated her claims.

    This gets to the core of just how smart is she? If the people advising her think it is possible for anything she does to bring this about then she is receiving very poor scientific and economic advice. Since the facts are out there and she is clearly ignoring them she looks like she is just saying anything it takes to get folks to look in her direction.

    If this is her version of leadership…. I am still waiting for the real Republican nom to come forward. Bachmann has degenerated into a sideshow.

  6. scottindallas says:

    JAFO, we don’t really send oil that far. Most of our oil comes from this hemisphere. We get it from domestic sources & off-shore in the Gulf, Canada, Mexico, Venezuela, Nigeria and Saudi Arabia. I’m not sure how much of that Nigerian and Saudi oil actually makes it here. I would appreciate it if the oil-men here know better, but I suspect that Saudi oil goes to our overseas military usage, though I could be wrong. Whatever, most of our oil comes from this hemisphere, so you’re assumptions are wrong.

    Oil speculation is the biggest reason for inflated oil prices–in 2000 $9b was invested in futures, in 2007 $300b–you’d have to be a communist to see any link, I suppose. Check the price difference between Cushing OK’s WTI versus Brent. WTI must take delivery, so a truer price is found, as of this writing there is a $23 price difference.

  7. scottindallas says:

    well, it’s possible. If her hairbrained ideas are enacted, it could tank the economy causing oil demand to so plummet, that we’ll be in such a recessionary cycle that it could happen.

    Or, she can enact price controls–but so much for her laizzez-faire economics–opps, I forgot, that’s French, she’d never go for that.

  8. Jim Horak says:

    Are gas prices really going down? Yeah, right! I’ll believe that when it hits MY pump! All I know is that I am tired of paying huge gas prices. I found a new type of Auto Club. I use their membership gas card by sticking it into gas pump and it gives me 10% right back to my account for the gas purchase. It is really no hassle, a no brainer. With money we save, we enjoy more trips, movies and family fun stuff. You can check them out at, the more that are doing this the more they can discount – its kinda like Cosco or Sam’s Club in that way.

  9. Peter says:

    LiveSimply, I’m trying to understand your post, but I’m not sure that I do. Are you essentially saying that we’ll see sub $2 gas due to China “subsizing” oil for us?
    If this is indeed what you are trying to convey, you may want to read my post again and pay attention to “with the exception of very unusual circumstances”, because China subsidizing oil for us would definitely be an unusual circumstance (and not one I believe would ever happen).

  10. Contrary Dave says:

    Loony tunes and merry melodies! Love our scientifically challenged politicians. Gore and Michelle and Limbaugh are all of a kind. And for a President, we have a follower leader.


  11. JAFO says:

    The price of oil is dictated by OPEC through the control of the supply. In order to break thier control you have to control the supply yourself. The reason oil is so expensive now is because we are willing to pay for it and unwilling to drill for our own. the last time it dropped dramatically it is becaus we started to entertain the idea that at 120 a bbl it made more sense to drill it ourselves.
    We pay for oil to be produced, stored, shipped across the ocean adn then refined, stored and shipped to the various retailers. Seems to me just by cutting out the shipping across the ocean we should be able to shave a large part of the cost and lower the price of fuel.
    We send billions overseas to companies that produce our oil for us. this money doesn’t come back to the us because of our tax laws. If we opened up drilling in the US we would cereate a enourmous amount of jobs from oil execs to dishwashers at new local diners. Not to metion all of the new tax revenue from the new employees.
    Will all of this lower gas to under $2? I don’t know but it sure is a heck of alot more palatable than the current path we are on.

  12. MAN says:

    Wow it is hard to believe that there is a bigger idiot out there than Palin! And she won in Iowa…just more proof that Iowa and New Hampshire’s ‘first in the nation’ status is a big joke! When will we wake up and let states that matter vote first?

  13. liz J says:

    Obama could have delivered more if he didn’t have to fight over single thing he brings to the table. Republicans just want back in the driver’s seat and they will stop any chance of change to get it…even promising $2 for gas.

  14. chiefdecoy says:

    August 23, 2011, 9:48 AM
    Perhaps she plans to crash the economy again like Bush Jr. did
    And like Obama has done…..

  15. Trail Trash says:

    Politifact says that Obaman has only delivered on 24% of the 506 campaign promises that he made in 2008.

  16. olddispatcher says:

    There is no topic to debate here, and she is not making a political promise. She is 180 degrees out from reality.

    On this subject she is just being stupid. People with a lot of years in the oil business know this and people with no experience in the oil business wish it could happen.

    If she wants to sound smart she should use something besides right wing e-mails for her information source.

  17. John says:

    kejo – if we drilled some of the oil reserves and generated jobs / tax income from the oil, we could pay off some of that national debt.

    just b/c prices dipped below $2/gallon w/o additional drilling does not mean that drilling will not help gas prices. your argument makes no sense.

  18. Kent L Hunley says:

    August 23, 2011, 10:10 AM
    she is the worst kind of idiot. truly. she doesn’t have a plan to do it (bc there isn’t one, the u.s. can’t control global demand or opec), and yet she just keeps spouting the same baloney.

    the press needs to hold her and other candidates feet to the fire when they say such blatant lies.

    Speaking of holding a liars feet to the fire…remember these gems

    Unemployment will not go above 8% if we pass stimulus
    There are thousands of shovel ready jobs.

  19. Bill in Houston says:

    You leftists are amusing. Rather than debate the topic you dismiss it with the usual, “she’s stupid” commentary. She frightens you. Good.

    I wonder if you realize Obama made even bigger promises but failed to deliver on them? Where’s that insightful analysis of his policies, which boil down to “Bush’s fault” or “I inherited this?”


  20. olddispatcher says:

    I do think we need to cut the Republicans some slack on this point. Last time they ran on jobs, jobs, jobs and so far have done nothing, nothing, nothing so that trick won’t work this time around.

    But offering to force gasoline down to $2 a gallon? I wonder if she understands what that would do to the jobs market in Texas and the rest of the Gulf Coast if oil were driven to below $50 a bbl.?

    At least Republicans seemed to have moved beyond running on the Three G’s platform, at least in much of the country anyway. If you read the Texas Republican Party Platform you will see that they mostly still are.

  21. LiveSimply says:

    Tell me Peter, are you in the business? Do you realize that China as well as other countries are drilling off the coast of Florida? Do you realize that our government owes trillions of dollars to China? Do you realize that China is very upset with the way our economy has had an impact on the entire world? This is a worldwide problem, and politics is also worldwide. Did it ever occur to you that China might be willing to do whatever it takes to jump start our economy to insure that we can continue to re-pay our loans? With the attitude of other countries concerning the arrogance of current administration, I can see where other countries may make offers to help with certain problems that we are currently facing just so that they can continue to protect their interests. I don’t agree with this method, but I have been around long enough to see it happen over and over again with past administrations. Its NOT just the American people electing our politicians, but other countries find ways to stir the pot or help certain individuals in their bid.

  22. olddispatcher says:

    Wow! You Libs are really full of logic and realistic economic theory today.

    Oh, wait… That’s a good thing.

    Her comments on this might play well in some parts of the US, but here, where there are so many people involved in the oil biz on a daily basis… Not so much. When it comes to fantasies about oil prices this drops into the ‘You can’t fool all of the people all of the time’ hole.

  23. Bo Bojangles says:

    We need more GOP candidates promising sub $2 gas.
    That should be the norm. The ahievement of very reasonable full prices will unleash a strong ecnomy. I’d like to see $1.25 gas. People will have enough money to buy things and save money. People might even have ideas to … dare I say … start or invest in a new business.

  24. txloanguy says:

    Anything she would do is 100 times better than Obama has done. Obama has blocked exploration, refining, pipelines and anything relating to oil. If she opened up these things, she might do it. And why is the oil market fluctuating so much on every little thing? Don’t you think the market would drop if we announced huge new finds and big production? Instead of Obama suing Exxon about a huge new find, they might be better helping them instead of Petrobras?

  25. RightWingDino says:

    Bachmann is desperate, already resorting to promises of cake and ice cream if only we put her in the White House. She won’t last til the end of the year.

  26. liz J says:

    Politicians shouldn’t be allowed to outright lie. The job they are applying for is to important. The oil is sold to the highest bidder as soon as it leaves the ground. It’s embarrassing that we have candidates like her that manage to get air time. Ron Paul is the original tea partier and not one word about him?

  27. Peter says:

    LiveSimply, good post.
    I, however, don’t see how she could fulfill this promise. If she opened up all of the U.S. for oil exploration and drilling, it still costs too much to get it to market (I’m talking U.S. oil) for gas to get below $2 per gallon. From all of the industry news that I’ve read, oil must be at $60 or more to make it profitable (again in the U.S.).
    The last dip we saw was artificially created. Sure, it could havppen again, but it won’t last. I don’t think we’ll see gas below $2.50 per gallon ever again with the exception of very unusual circumstances, and those will be very short lived.
    It’s also my belief that $3 a gallon gas is fair.

  28. DonQuixote says:

    LiveSimply, you’re lying. Obama didn’t promise to pay off trillions of dollars of mortgages, and “liberals” as a group didn’t by into any lie like that.

    Why must you lie? Why, when your lips are moving or you’re typing, you’re lying?

  29. Frank Hill says:

    August 23, 2011, 7:53 AM

    If she has a plan, why doesn’t she come and say what it is now and help the US? If she really has a plan (we know she doesn’t) why hold the country hostage until she’s elected?

    Much like McCain, (who had a plan to end the war), she won’t share it with her beloved country unless elected.

  30. Hal says:

    I am a conservative and work in oil & gas industry. No one person has any influence on energy prices. She is a dingbat. Run away from her as fast as you can.

  31. darrell says:

    she doesn’t have a clue…

  32. CYFAIRDOG says:

    The government promising certain pricing on certain items? Isn’t that Socialism?

  33. tboyinhouston says:

    She’s so stupid it isn’t even funny anymore

  34. o.m. says:

    I don’t think this woman has any sort of education or manners, they teach you from an early age in school, no matter the President, you refer to him as either President __________ or Mr. President, he’s not just Barack Obama. Oh and she’s also crazy.

  35. scipio says:

    “can you people NOT see the idiocity of your analysis?”

    No because ‘idiocity’ isn’t real. Just like unicorns and bachmann’s secret gas plan. Why would anyone support a candidate that would most likely fail AP econ?

  36. pinnywoodsrooter says:

    This woman is caught up in a stupidity loop wrapped in a time warp. The loop/warp system is being drawn into that great black hole of increasing irrelevance known as the former late great GOP.

  37. chowdah says:

    she is the worst kind of idiot. truly. she doesn’t have a plan to do it (bc there isn’t one, the u.s. can’t control global demand or opec), and yet she just keeps spouting the same baloney.

    the press needs to hold her and other candidates feet to the fire when they say such blatant lies.

  38. Ron says:


    Your handle fits you well. Bachmann blames all her misstatements on the pressure of so many speeches she gives. Imagine how she handles the phone call at 3 in the morning. Will she say a prayer and thank God she has the insight to promise $2 gas? No president has control over the price of oil. Blame the Repubs Wall Street speculators.

  39. LiveSimply says:

    Funny how the liberals bought into Obama’s promise of paying off their mortgages for TRILLIONS of dollars, but when Bachmann says she can get gasoline down by less than $2.00 a gallon, you people go nuts! Well Obama did give away trillions of dollars to banks, car manufacturers and unions and that is perfectly okay with the liberal mindset, but when someone says that they can reduce a couple of dollars that EVERYONE can benefit then the liberals deem it impossible! Can you people NOT see the idiocity of your analysis?

  40. ntangle says:

    oil prices have dropped 38% and gas prices have only gone down 9%.
    why do you think that is?
    Because they’re still selling sufficient volumes at its current price. But your percentages are kinda off. And you’re comparing oil futures prices with real-time gasoline retail prices. Different time horizon.

  41. SaltWaterCroc says:

    She doesn’t back off on any of her crazy statements, from the Census will lead to re-education camps to $2 gas. There should be a basic civics quiz given to politicians of every stripe to show they understand the Constitution, simple American history, basic economic concepts, and separation of powers before they are elected. What will she do as President? Make a decree? This isn’t merry old England of the 1500s. Unfortunately, some folks will vote for her simply because Fox tells them to.

  42. Mike says:

    Bachmann needs to back off her entire presidential bid, period. That woman is worse than Sarah Palin, and she’s wacko enough.

  43. WriterDude says:

    Perhaps she plans to crash the economy again like Bush Jr. did. That sent gas prices from $4.15 to $1.38. Other than that, she needs to get a better grip on reality. Rhetoric only goes so far.

  44. sluggy says:

    What’s scary is the 16% of those that *agree* with this dingbat!

    It’s not too surprising though; according to a link to a NYT/CBS poll that someone
    posted the other day, that is about the same percentage of people that describe
    themselves as tea-partiers; seems like it was 18%, if memory serves.

  45. Waves says:

    She is plain bat $h!t crazy, period. She can not control the price of gas. The stupid twit want to talk about the price of gas when Obama came into office – the economy was circling the drain, when it was $4 a gallon we were all working like crazy, and here in the oil and gas business there were not enough hours in the day. In comparison when the market crashed and gas was $1.79 a gallon – 80% of the people I worked with lost there jobs, I was lucky to hang on to mine. My point – Michele Bachmann is a raving lunatic at very best, I am all for voting out every incumbent politician out there, forget parties, but vote for some folks that have some common sense and the experience to be there, those qualities do not exist in the current crop of crazy extreme right wing nut job republican candidates –

  46. bobj998 says:

    August 23, 2011, 7:51 AM

    maybe she’s right…


    Yeah, way right. Far too extreme to be elected. The Tea Party combined with a matching Republican base would get about 35-40% for the vote. Even if she carried a couple of the mega States she would not get enough delegates in the Electoral College to win.

  47. Rikki M says:

    That foolish promise is the final blow to her candidacy. I’m glad to see it come so early.

    Ron Paul 2012!

  48. jack says:

    can’t believe the ignorance. oil is a world market but an increase in the domestic supply of 1 million barrels a day would drastically affect the international price of oil. as for 2.00 gas being bad for the economy that’s insane! the lower the cost of energy. the lower transportation and production costs for goods and services. todays price of gas has more to do with the reckless printing of fake money by the obama administration. why do think gold is almost 1900.00$ an ounce. crazy a little ounce costs that much.

  49. MusicalDogma says:

    Looks like somebody failed economics in high school.

  50. detada says:

    Change the word “Won’t” to “Can’t”.

  51. justbob says:

    control the speculators as they once did and it will be no problem. clinton, with a republican congress dropped restrictions on oil trading and we got this.
    the politicians got plenty of money donated to their campaigns, and don’t want that to change.

    oil prices have dropped 38% and gas prices have only gone down 9%.
    why do you think that is?

  52. Sandra says:

    What won’t a candidate promise? Pretty desperate if you ask me. If she wants to appear to be sincere, she should start with the most basic of needs…lowering the cost of food. Oh, silly me, I was totally dreaming…forgive me. It all fake anyway.

  53. Tommy says:

    I like her enthusiasm but I don’t know why she would back herself into that corner.

  54. duwhat says:

    Gas will go back down when investors and traders quit manipulating the prices of oil futures.

  55. Iggy says:

    Well, this just goes to show she doesn’t have a clue about economics and how markets work, in addition to all the other stuff she doesn’t have a clue about.

  56. Jeremiah says:

    And she wonders why Chris Wallace asked of her recently, “Are you a flake?”

  57. HAM Guy says:

    $2.00/gallon gasolne will kill this country. She does not have a clue of what it takes to make this country run. If one of the tea potters get elected, I think, I’ll move to Mexico. The GOP will doom this country and a lot of others.

  58. Paul says:

    The average price of gas in July 2008 was $4.15 per gallon…and then after the election, it went all the way down to $1.67 per gallon in December 2008. The price of gas over the last ten years has had little to do with supply and demand…and a lot to do with record profits for the oil industry…and it has set the bar for the rest of our economy.

  59. Pedro says:

    Vote for me and your wildest dreams will come true.

  60. Rocky says:

    Yes she can the same way Reagan did it after Carter–besides she said she will enforce the immigration laws……

  61. jdman says:

    I was stationed in Europe in the early 70s. Gasoline was at the equivalent of $4 a gallon. It was painful, but realistic. 40 years later this country still believes that gas is cheap. It is not. Our politicians are cheap.

  62. Jeff S says:

    Uh… she’s bat—- crazy. She is confusing “proven reserves”, “estimated reserves” and “recoverable reserves”. And just exactly how can you create “millions of jobs instantly”? That would be a neat party trick, if we were all in Bachmann’s Crazy-Land… as opposed to being in the real world.

  63. mdstprpsl says:

    This woman is an imbecile.

  64. No FreeLunch says:

    Oil (and almost gas) are worldwide traded commodities. Thus, by her $2/gal promise for the US, she is promising to the entire world that they will have cheap enough oil to have $2/gal gas. Since the US is only a marginal producer, and is not the biggest consumer of oil, I don’t see how she thinks more production in the US will impact world wide prices. However, more production in the US would provide a better buffer in terms of crisis, reduce the trade deficit, and create US jobs. Not a bad motive on its own.

  65. BOn2012 says:

    No way any woman could beat a black man in a presidential election. We are just not there yet! Go home backman, perry, paul and take care of your own house. Barack Obama 2012

  66. Lamer says:

    Gary, you’re absolutly right. What she fails to mention is that it was above 4 and in some places 5 near the end of Bushe’s term when the GLOBAL economy imploded. The reason gas was so low was because the oil market crumbled and nobody had the money to buy expensive gas and travel. When the economy picks up, gas prices go up not down. So she’s promising to hurt the economy even more.
    For her to say she can bring gas to $2.00 is dumb. Anyone who thinks she can actually do it is even dumber.

  67. dimwitlib3rals says:

    Wow. Youz libs are really full of your hate today! gumba’s

  68. sam says:

    Mumbo-jumbo, gobbely-goop…

  69. Bill says:

    I wish she would “promise” to dissapear.

  70. adam says:

    Obama, like many presidents before him, was elected despite making promises he couldn’t keep. Bachmann is doing the same thing. It gets her name in the media and has CNN debating it while mentioning her name over and over. If it worked for Obama and others, why not use the same tactics?

  71. Burn Oil says:

    She’s full of hot air and does not have the intelligence to be President of the United States.

  72. Billy Smith says:

    Didn’t Obama promise to pull out of Iraq and Afghanistan in two years… Bush Sr: “No new taxes”… Politicians make too many promises they can’t deliver. We need leaders – not politicians.

  73. ntangle says:

    “That will happen” (in a Bachmann presidency). By the same means perhaps? (With banks’ liquidity & lending vapor-locked. And a crashing economy.)

    Why should anyone think the Federal Gov’t has or should have control over the price of oil & its products? Wouldn’t price controls be the antithesis of “smaller gov’t”?

  74. KeJo says:

    Dan, you mean “too” bold in your survey.

    wow, we’re the #1 energy resource rich country in the world? So we can stop fighting wars for oil now??? Is this woman nuts? oh yea, she is.

    another thing for you drill baby drill idiots:
    Remember W had gas up to $4 a gallon, and then it went down to the $1.79 that dingbat Bachman talks about? Well we didn’t drill one drop and the price went down that dramatic. Doesn’t that prove that we don’t need to drill our grandkid’s oil for the price to fall? Price elasticity obviously isn’t solely dependent on drilling or USA production… and in fact probably a drop in the bucket….you don’t have to be an economist to understand this stuff. And can we at least leave the grankids something besides debt?

  75. TheWorldsFavoriteMexican says:

    How is this America’s energy reserves going to reduce the price of gas by 50% when this oil hits the world market as soon as it leaves the ground?

    Energy prices are driven by a world wide supply and demand. Not some pinhead politician.

  76. KaliGhoulish says:

    Of course she’s not going to back down, she’s too stupid.
    Anybody can tank the economy to the point that gasoline would be under 2 dollars a gallon. The challenge would be to create enough good paying jobs to where gasoline, no matter what the cost, would be affordable to drivers.

  77. Gary says:

    If elected we’ll see $2.00 gas again because she will kill the economy. For the country’s sake let’s hope the sane, rational part of the GOP prevails. Michelle Bachmann is truly an idiot. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELVIS!

  78. ReligionISForTheWeak says:

    If she has a plan, why doesn’t she come and say what it is now and help the US? If she really has a plan (we know she doesn’t) why hold the country hostage until she’s elected?

  79. mikebone one says:

    Well, we got us a real “Chicken in every pot ” snake oil salesman here.
    Either has no clue or will lie to her own mother.
    ey, wait a mionute she already did. No, you were not at the family reunion, sleezball, you were just plain late to your press conference.

  80. FMS says:

    maybe she’s right…