Feds shut down Keystone pipeline


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WASHINGTON — The U.S. pipeline safety agency Friday blocked a Canadian company from restarting its Keystone oil pipeline until U.S. officials are satisfied the company has made required repairs and completed safety tests.

The order by the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration cites two leaks last month on the 1,300-mile pipeline, which carries oil from Canada through North Dakota, South Dakota and Nebraska. One arm then travels through Missouri to Illinois, while another goes through Kansas to Oklahoma.

A spokeswoman for the pipeline agency said Friday that federal inspectors will closely review repair work done by the pipeline’s owner, Calgary-based TransCanada. The company reported a May 7 leak of about 400 barrels in North Dakota, and a leak of about 10 barrels last Sunday in Kansas.

TransCanada is seeking to build a second pipeline from western Canada to the Texas Gulf Coast — a project that has drawn fierce opposition from environmental groups who call the pipeline an ecological disaster waiting to happen. The proposed pipeline, like the existing pipeline, would carry crude oil extracted from tar sands in Alberta, Canada, to refineries in the U.S. Critics say the tar sands produce “dirty oil” that requires huge amounts of energy to extract, while supporters say the two pipelines would create thousands of jobs and help cut $4-a-gallon prices at the pump.

Anthony Swift of the Natural Resources Defense Council, an environmental group, said the federal order blocking the Keystone line “should be a clarion call” for the U.S. State Department to seriously consider safety concerns posed by the proposed pipeline from Canada through Montana to Texas. State Department approval is needed because the project crosses the U.S. border.

Pipeline regulators need time to sort out what has gone horribly wrong with the current Keystone project before moving forward with the new one, dubbed Keystone XL, Swift said.

“The history of Keystone has shown that these pipelines are dangerous. State shouldn’t fast track the review of Keystone XL until we know how they can be built and operated safely,” he said.

A spokesman for TransCanada could not immediately be reached for comment.

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  1. ntangle says:

    A couple of things: It’s common for PHMSA to delay restarting after leaks, esp. until it’s known whether the cause (ie., corrosion) might be more pervasive than just the spot(s) that leaked. Another, older crude pipeline system carrying Canadian crude was recently held up over leaks in MI & IL. Unless there’s anything shown to be deficient with this company’s contruction standards or its maintenance & operating practices, I see no reason to delay the new XL system. It could even be argued that a new pipeline is needed all the more, if others are subject to being shut down at times. As long as XL will be built and operated with best practices.

  2. liven-n-iraq says:

    Shutting it down over 410 barrels? What’s that? Like maybe a nanosecond of the spill in the Gulf? This administration continues to play three card monte with the public over its energy policy.

  3. Master Dragon says:

    This pipeline is a bad idea. Too long, too much likelihood of a major disaster. But folks, don’t blame it on Obummer or even Shrub – blame it on the corporations that run our country, our government, and the rest of the world as well. They want money, and now globalization is giving them what they want. All these folks looking forward to 2012 – do you honestly believe that your votes count for anything!? It’s all a sham, all decided regarding who the “winners” will be. A group of people is picked for you ahead of time. Vote for any of them. You still get someone that was hand picked to look after the corporate interests. Politics don’t matter, all of the candidates are puppets. There are no political parties anymore, just the corporate party.

    Go ahead. Keep those heads in the sand and butts in the air and keep voting.

  4. JohnnyA says:

    I think EACH person should be REQUIRED to state if you ARE or ARE NOT an enviromentalist when you apply for a drivers license. If you ARE then your driving privelidges should be DENIED and you should be required to WALK or ride a BICYCLE! On top of that it should be illegal for you to RIDE in ANY vehicle that consumes the VERY fuels that you DESPISE so much! I bet after a WEEK of NO TRANSPORTATION then you would change your tune, get OFF your soap box, and become a HAPPY CONSUMER like the REST of the world! It is HIGH time we CALL these HYPOCRITS BLUFF! They complain about companies emissions, no problem, they CAN’T have ANYTHING made of PLASTICS! The don’t want trees cut down, then NO paper products, as WELL as WOOD, especially in their HOMES! Once they have no where to LIVE, not EVEN a TENT, and NO transportation, then we go after their FOOD that they complain about the PROCESSES! After THAT then we clean up the AIR by stopping them from dirtying OUR air with THEIR carbon dioxide when they EXHALE! GROW UP PEOPLE! You guy’s are like a bunch of whining spoiled rotten liberal 5 year olds! You hypocrits USE the VERY things you COMPLAIN about!

  5. Mac the knife says:

    I’m looking forward to paying $7.00 per gallon by Halloween 2012. Let’s see obamao run on that record!

  6. pdh42 says:

    Another attempt by Nobama to shut down our energy sector…. At the rate he is going we will be paying $7.00 per gallon for gasoline and triple or $,30 cents per kwh for electricity…. Oh well this is what alot of you people wanted…. Hope and Change….. BTW how is that working out for you????

    • 2tor says:

      hahaha, I posted 2-3 weeks ago, next would be a moratorium on pipelines…. I can’t believe it!!

  7. Kim says:

    Shut it down for good!!!!!!!