Obama: more energy production, efficiency; GOP: priorities misplaced


President Obama, facing a persistent spike in gasoline prices and continuing political instability in oil producing regions of North Africa and the Middle East, today sought to reassure the nation that he has a coherent plan to reduce American reliance on imported energy.

Speaking to students at Georgetown University in Washington, the president presented the nation with what he called “a new goal” — reducing imported energy by one-third by 2025.

To meet that goal, he offered a largely recycled set of policy proposals wrapped in urgent rhetoric about the need for Congress to stop talking and start acting. He complained that Washington, facing similar price spikes in the past, engaged in “a lot of fulminating and hand-wringing, but nothing actually happened.”

He says that politicians regularly offer slogans and hot rhetoric when gas prices  go up but then “hit the snooze button when they fall again.”

In his first energy policy address since the Japanese nuclear crisis, President Obama said the rising cost of oil is evidence that the U.S. needs a comprehensive, long-term energy plan instead of short-term solutions spurred by periodic price spikes.

Obama  stressed that the nation can slash its oil imports by a third through expanding domestic energy production, encouraging use of natural gas in cars and trucks, boosting the development of biofuels and improving fuel efficiency.

“Here’s the bottom line: There are no quick fixes,” he said. “Anyone who tells you otherwise is not telling you the truth.”

Obama aggressively disputed claims by Texas lawmakers that his administration was blocking new drilling in the Gulf of Mexico in the wake of last year’s Deepwater Horizon disaster.

“Any claim like that is simply untrue,” he said.

The president said his administration had approved 39 shallow-water drilling permits and seven deep-water permits that meet “smarter standards of safety and responsibility.”

Obama strongly defended new safety requirements for Gulf drilling, saying “I don’t have amnesia.”

“We just spent all that time, energy and money trying to clean up a big mess,” he said. “I think it’s important to make sure we don’t allow something like that to happen again.”

Obama took several political swipes at Republicans who have been crying “drill, baby, drill” and vowing to open large swaths of the Alaskan tundra, Gulf of Mexico and Southeastern United States to new energy production.

“The truth is, none of these gimmicks, none of these slogans, made a bit of difference,” he told the students.

The president did not dwell on the ongoing nuclear disaster that has resulted in the release of radioactive material into the atmosphere worldwide and contaminated Japanese crops and drinking water. While saying he had asked for safety reviews of U.S. nuclear plants, he reasserted his commitment to nuclear power.

“We’ve got to recognize that nuclear power, if it’s safe, can make a significant contribution” to lowering carbon emissions, he said.

Reaction to Obama’s remarks divided largely among party lines, although the president was criticized from the left by some environmental groups that oppose additional domestic drilling and nuclear energy production.

“The American people need action from President Obama not another lecture,” said Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, “especially as skyrocketing gas prices are crippling middle-class families and small businesses.”

Cornyn, the chairman of the Senate Republicans’ campaign committee, blamed Obama for making the spike in gasoline prices even worse through poorly planned policies.

“Since taking office, the president’s policies have exacerbated the economic pain Americans are feeling at the pump,” Cornyn said. “He has restricted our domestic supplies of oil and natural gas, championed failed cap-and-trade legislation, and allowed the EPA to begin imposing massive energy taxes through backdoor greenhouse gas regulations. It is time for the president to recognize the damage his policies are having on the economy, take his boot off the neck of domestic energy producers, and unlock our domestic energy potential.”

Democrats were more generous in their initial reaction. Sen. Jeff Bingaman, chairman of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, called the Obama policy prescription “ambitious but achievable.”

“It’s a great priority for our country, and the president is doing a good thing by focusing the public’s attention on ways to make ourselves more secure and control our energy future,” he said.

Obama also:

— Touted natural gas as an abundant, cleaner-burning power source that Washington should promote with incentives that encourage the adoption of cars, trucks and fleets that run on the fuel.

— Highlighted still-developing fuel economy standards for cars and trucks covering model years 2017 through 2025.

— Required all U.S. government cars purchased to be powered by alternative energy by 2015.

— Affirmed his commitment to a proposed mandate that by 2025, 80 percent of the nation’s electricity come from low-emission power sources, such as renewable wind and solar, as well as nuclear power, natural gas and still-developing “clean coal” technology.

— Announced a goal that within two years, the U.S. will break ground on four refineries to produce the next generation of advanced or cellulosic biofuels made from plant materials.

While some environmental groups criticized the president’s endorsement of increased production of oil and nuclear power, Frances Beinecke, president of the National Resources Defense Council, said the end goal is clear.

“We don’t need any more wake-up calls before embracing a clean energy economy that relies on renewable sources of power that are safer, cleaner, make more economic sense and curb carbon dioxide pollution,” she said.

Richard Dunham

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  1. idjit says:

    There is a reason oil exploration is called EXPLORATION. ALL of us know there is a finite supply of oil. ALL of us also know that with exploration comes new discoveries. With the restrictions put in place by Obama, folks don’t WANT to & CAN’T AFFORD to explore. With these OPEN LEASES, the oil is not economically feasible to recover. OBAMA knows this & is using it to provide his sheep with dummy ammunition (pun intended). His deal is green. Period. My deal is green, but not ruining the United States to accomplish it. All blame does not go to Obama. Each president since the shortages of the 70s is to blame. But Obama doesn’t get a pass. He has done everything he can to curb exploration & drilling. There IS more oil down there. We CAN get it. We must get it AND search for REAL alternatives. We have trillions of cubic feet of natural gas. Cleaner & more abundant than oil. That is a place to START. NOT a final answer. The oil companies don’t get a pass. They are in it for the money (okay) & will do ANYTHING to get all they can. (not okay). Had we started many years ago to develop high speed rail between major population centers, develop GOOD urban public transportation, given help to people interested in and able to improve efficiencies, but with no political clout; if we had. But we didn’t. We need to do those things now. But we have to keep going till they get done. The government has had a stranglehold on new refineries, new drilling, nuclear generating plants etc. & now want to blame we “little people”. YEAH I’m talking about Al Gore. And others. I’m sick to death of this whole shebang.

  2. Dollar says:

    The old peak oiler line goes like this ……

    ” there’s only 30 billion bbls of oil there, that will only last XXXX number of days at current rates ”

    yeah, that devalues the significance of an oil find.

    But when combined with existing production, and several other like finds, then it becomes far more significant.

    Especially when combined with Canadian tar sand production.

    If you listen to the peak oiler boys, they will just have us laying down and quitting because its just not worth the effort.

    Just might as well give up, it won’t do any good to produce more oil, according to these pessimistic quitters.

  3. georgex says:

    Whatever President Obama proposes will be opposed by the Republicans who think that it is in the political interests to do so. And this is true regardless of whether it is good for the nation to become energy independent. I worked for them in the last election but the people are getting sick and tired of their obstruction to progress.

  4. Dollar says:

    ” The United States has 23 billion barrels or so of proven oil reserves. ”

    According to Harold Hamm , CEO of Continental Resources, who is the most active driller in the Bakken, has the most production from the Bakken, and holds the most acreage in the Bakken, there are 24 billion bbl of oil in the Bakken alone.

    And are aware of the Niobrara ?

    And that the Bakken now extends well into Canada ?

    Or good grief, the Eagle Ford alone can have 23 bilion bbl of oil, EOG’s biggest problem with the Eagle Ford , is getting the oil to a refinery.

    And there are more tight shale oil producing fields across the western USA.

    And why would you only use domestic USA numbers, which I doubt btw, when Canada and Mexico are as good as domestic.

    I’m sick and tired of hearing all the pessimism about oil, there’s a lot of positive stories that are not getting written.

  5. Bill in Houston says:

    Nice speech, Barry. I’ll bet the kiddies ate it up.

    Unrealistic proposal based on unicorn smiles and puppy dog tails.

    I’d like to thank the president for making Jimmy Carter only the SECOND-worst president in history.

  6. Craig says:

    Obama could start saving oil by staying home when he starts a war instead of dancing with topless women in Brazil.

    Imagine, staring a war while you are away on vacation.

  7. Charles says:

    TexasFred wrote: “… America has more oil than ALL of OPEC put together, we have the largest supplies of oil, coal and natural gas of any nation on earth.”

    SMH. Sad, really, because this guy is emblematic of how a guy that can’t properly pronounce the name of the country he wanted to lead gets elected, and why a wonam who didn’t know Africa is a continent is being seriously considered for the same (I guess that was a trick question, too, huh?).


    Since you’re probably better with the picture menu, here’s another one for you:


  8. Trail Trash says:

    @Michael The Bakken Formation has lots of oil “in place”, but the porosity and permeability can be very tight, therefore how much is “economically recoverable” is debatable. One thing for sure, once oil hits $150/bbl the Bakken will be much more important.

  9. truth11 says:

    Disclaimer: I am a conservative Republican. I actually agree with almost all of what Obama had to say today. There is no silver bullet. It will take a long time to wean ourselves off of some of our oil imports. Anyone who says differently is lying. We need more domestic production (drill baby drill). We need alternatives. We need natural gas powered vehicles (which are awesome AND currently available by the way). Biofuels are okay… but I am not a huge fan of burning food. And… in a huge step that showed some guts… Obama supported both Nuclear energy and the aformentioned increase in domestic production. Both of which have waned in popularity following the Japan crisis and the Macondo incident. That took some guts. I actually think he is pretty close to the mark. Yes, we need more action… but the political rhetoric from both sides (and some of the extremest fools posting here) are what slow the process up more than anything else. Why can’t we all sit down and figure out what we DO agree on and start working on that while we figure out the rest??? It sounds like both sides of the aisle share many of the same views… they just REALLY hate admitting it in front of the harshly critical, ever-divided, and uneducated John Q. Public.

  10. Charles says:

    Tom wrote: “If domestic energy production is such a big priority then why did we just loan Brazil’s national oil company 2 BILLION taxpayer dollars to do their own exploration?” THIS is part of the problem… STOP SPREADING LIES AND DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH! First of all, the $ came from the Export-Import Bank of the US, which had, at the time of the loan NO OBAMA APPOINTEES on the board… however, there were, at the time three Republicans and two Democrats, all of whom were appointed by George W. Bush. Furthermore, according to the bank’s chairman and president, Fred P. Hochbergthe, the loan is being made specifically to finance purchase by Petrobras of US-MADE oilfield equipment and services. The mission of the Ex-Im Bank is to encourage US exports by making such loans.


    BTW, Obama’s first appointment, the forementioned Hochbergthe, was appointed on April 20… a week AFTER the board voted to approve the loan… dummies.

  11. luperculus says:

    Perhaps most of you complainers should wake up to a few facts.

    The US cannot produce enough oil to be self sufficient, now or ever, even if you drill anywhere in the US. The US simply uses too much of it.

    The drilling that was restrictied for six months would not have produced oil for another five, six or seven years.

    The oil that those wells can produce is not gone. It will still be produced, at a time when the oil price will be even higher. It will be more valuable for the US then.

    And, most of all… even with all the taps open, the US domestic production can do NOTHING to lower the oil price. The US simply cannot produce enough to influence it. And just becaus it is OUR oil, it does not mean that it will cost less…

    In short, if you want to lower the cost of energy, you need to find alternative to oil. Otherwise, regardless who the President is, and how many wells he allows you to drill, you will keep paying more.

  12. kimanne says:

    The way all of these people are talking, you would think that oil is never going to run out. Well, maybe all of you dinosaurs don’t care what kind of fuel will be left for future generations. But if you keep putting all of your eggs in the ‘ol oil basket and never consider any other fuel source, you’re going to be —- out of luck once that future gets here. But that’s ok. I get it. None of you old Republicans care about that. You’ll be dead by then.

  13. Leo Gold says:

    The vast majority of you Chronicle readers don’t have a clue what you are talking about. Few if any of you have ever taken the time to look at the DOE’s Energy Information Administration website, and few if any of you have any idea what the numbers are behind global oil supply and demand.

    The United States has 23 billion barrels or so of proven oil reserves. The United States consumes 8 billion barrels of oil per year. That means we have about 3 years of domestic supply at current consumption levels. There’s really not much more to say than that. It may be, and probably is, possible to find and drill more oil on land and in water in the US. But there is no way that we will bring out enough to meaningfully change either the global spot price of oil or the long term supply constraints, and in time that will become clear even to the many fools among us.

    People in the oil business know these numbers like basic arithmetic. They thrive on uneducated people like Chronicle readers pushing for more domestic production because they get to sell that oil at high current market prices. But they too know we are on borrowed time, and that we cannot domestically supply our gigantic oil demand under any condition whatsoever.

    Blame the President all you want. But you are the ones who are ignorant, not him. On a day when an American president finally levels with citizens, you have nothing but contempt for the truth.

    My radio show airs on KPFT 90.1 tomorrow Thursday at 3p. Any of you is welcome to bring your views on the air. I’ll be there with the facts and numbers to greet you.

    Leo Gold, Host
    The New Capital Show

  14. Charles says:

    3D02 wrote: “… instead of resting all the blame on Obama why not post about the reasons why the increase in oil imports over the years.” You mean reasons like the fact that we just don’t have it? Proven oil reserves in the United States are 21 billion barrels. Even if you include the 583 million (not billion) barrels in the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, the total recoverable oil in the Federal Outer Continental Shelf, the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, the National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska, and the Bakken Formation, total is only 134 billion barrels of crude. The US’ proiven reserves places us 14th in the owrld, behind countries like Iraq, Iran. That’s why we have to import so much oil. Even freaking CANADA has more oil than us! Saudi Arabia alone has more than TWICE as much oil as we do. “Drill Baby Drill” is as stupid as the folks singing it. The oil companies already have access to 34 billion barrels they haven’t developed yet. WTF?! And the EIA just released a report that said not only has our increased production been a factor in the increase in oil prices, but the difference between full offshore drilling and restricted drilling would mean a reduction in gas prices of about .03… by the year 2020. The answer is getting off the oil standard. Effing read and do some personal research, people – your heroes do NOT have your best interests at heart.

  15. Lou says:

    Of all the green alternatives, algae to produce fuel made the most sense due to potential lower cost than drilling for oil and refining oil into fuel, etc. Supposedly, much more cost effective than ethanol from corn…

    I’m surprised that Brazil is going with oil route because it gets all the fuel from sugarcane. I guess Obama wanted to “spread the wealth” from USA to other countries. In fact, Soros supposedly gave a huge amount of money to Brazil to work with oil..

  16. Need better MPG & Green initatives says:

    Instead of complaining about the President and popping up untrue propaganda, we need to look forward on what can we do for our country.

    It’s time for Big Three to sit down and support higher MPG (watch the documentary, “Who Killed the Electric Car”). And, going Green doesn’t mean that you are a left-wing, tree-hugger. It’s actually the right thing to do.

  17. KTJackson says:

    The Interior Dept doesn’t have to impose a moratorium to stop drilling in the GoM. Simply press criminal charges on a couple of BP execs and every rational company will move away from US waters so fast it will make your head swim (pun intended). Eric Holder is going to do more to stop domestic oil production than SaladBar ever can. Holder is the Obama stooge in this play.

  18. Jackalope says:

    “the need for Congress to stop talking and start acting.” It’s all posturing. What good does it do for Congress to “start acting” when his administration throws up roadblocks. And those 7 DW permits he boasts of are merely reapproving prior permits. The only new one went to Brazil.

  19. Clay says:

    Most posts here are about attacking President Obama without any real consideration of his useful and incredible insight with regard to this energy issue. We now have a smart, perceptive, and articulate president, and what posters do here is attack him and will disagree with an issue not because of the issue but because it is him, and the posters have no thought.

    It is more important to them to attack Obama than to help America. Kind of like the radical Democrats used to do with Bush.

  20. Charles says:

    You blatantly stupid little sheep. It would be sad if your ignorance wasn’t so funny. Here’s a little truth to mix in with your AM radio propoganda: Donestic oil production DECREASED every year under the Texan intellectual, from 5.9 billiob barrels/day during the first year of his Presidency, to a low of 4.9 bpd in 2008. During the 2 years of the Obama Presidency, domestic production has INDREASED to its highest level since 2003! Pollywanna cracka you parrots? Turth for naught – if Beck or Limbaugh doesn’t say it, you won’t beleive it anyway, but you fools should know – they laugh AT you, bot WITH you… all the way to the bank.

  21. Jeff says:

    Garbage in = garbage out.

    Cellulosic biofuels? Pipe dream. There is no process for making them. The last wasted $500 million Federal grant was lost when no commercial plant ever opened.

  22. Michael says:

    So what’s the truth about the Bakken Formation in the western United States? If true, the United States should not need to import oil ever again. Why the big secrecy if it’s either true or false?

  23. Storm14K says:

    The comments here really tell us why we pay so much for oil. Pure ignorance on the part of the average Joe. What in the world would give any of you the idea that if we drilled here the oil from the gulf would be sold at any less than the market value that it can fetch? They know you’ll pay the price at the pump for $100/barrel oil so the market is going to price oil at $100/barrel. All you’re doing by drilling is shifting where the money goes.

    But why go all the way down to the oil. The oil and gas companies have already told you that there is no supply problem. In fact they ship some of the gas out of the country because they can make more on it elsewhere. They’ve TOLD you this and you STILL think drilling is going to help. What do you think they are going to do with that new found oil? They are going to make the most money they can off of it just like they do with the gas. Its their duty to their stockholders to do so.

    And if you vote out Obama who are you going to put in? Ron Paul? Even HE has told you theres no supply problem. But go right on ahead fighting to make the oil giants richer. It’ll at least help me laugh a little before I continue to cry at the pump.

  24. Sean says:

    By all means, no more gimmicks, like huge rebates for that loser of an electric car. Build a viable electric car and it will sell soon enough. In the meantime, drill offshore, develop solar power and–gasp–maybe even nuclear power. And set the base gasoline price at $4/gallon until people make sincere changes in their vehicle usage. if we’re serious about this, we must make lifestyle changes, not just technology changes.

  25. Doug says:

    This guys is a fool, please vote him out.
    One thing we have to consider is that we are buying all the oil now, while we can afford it. One day when all of these crap countries run out of oil, then we can use ours. I do know that once its gone, its gone.

  26. Bob Johnson says:

    I believe the President. I also agree with his assessment that we HAVE to cut the volume of oil imported. There is also no question that there is no way for us to drill our way to the goal. I have no problem with drilling and seeking additional domestic production, that will happen, but there is no way for new oil to come on line in sufficient volume to reduce our dependence on imported oil.

  27. GoldBacon says:

    Interesting idea. The price of gas is too high, so let’s restrict the supply of the primary input?

  28. 3D02 says:

    So instead of resting all the blame on Obama why not post about the reasons why the increase in oil imports over the years. America’s addiction to the automobile, past and present government policy, comparative advantage, a finite resource, urban planning issues, etc., etc.
    None of this matters, right?

  29. Expunge says:

    Obama:”“Here’s the bottom line: There are no quick fixes,” he said. “Anyone who tells you otherwise is not telling you the truth.”
    Here is the bottom line you idiot. Drill here. Drill now!!! Sure it wont immeadiately relieve the pressure at the pump but it will make it more stable in the future. The dem/treehugger/politicans complaint is that it will take 5 to 10 years to get any new site in production.. so we have to look at soemthing else. Well, this was said 5 and 10 years ago.. and if it was enacted then it would be available today!

    You are nothing but a failure Mr. President. You have never worked in the private sector, never made executive decisions before being elected, and pay more attention to NCAA brackets (where you FAILED) than paying attention on how to reduce the deficit and increase jobs. You shutdown oil exploration in the Gulf and then fly over to Brazil and congratulate them on their offshore drilling and make a even more ridiculous statement that we welcome the opportunity to buy oil from THEM.

    Mr. President, with what money are we going to buy oil after you bankrupt the country? You and your democratic cohorts are arguing over a handful of Billions in spending cuts when this years defecit will be 1600 Billion (1.6Trillion) Are you on drugs?

    You are a joke, a liar, a empty suit to the special interests, and have no spine. And just for the hell of it you get us into another conflict with no plan of action and no goals or objectives. I cannot wait for 2012 to come soon enough to kick your can out of the Whitehouse.

  30. Mark from Louisiana says:

    What is a green energy investment? A payback to political contributors to his campaign.

    Normally, the reward for large-scale fundraising in winning presidential campaigns is an ambassadorship or a spot on an advisory panel, but Barack Obama came to Washington on a promise to change “business as usual.” And he has, according to ABC News and the Center for Public Integrity. Not only did rainmaker Steve Westly get a spot on an advisory committee on energy, his business got hundreds of millions in loans from the Obama administration’s green-energy push, announced by none other than Obama himself:

    When the White House announced the federal government would loan $465 million to Tesla, a California start-up company with plans to develop an all-electric sedan, President Obama called it an “historic opportunity to ensure that the next generation of fuel-efficient cars and trucks are made in America.”

    The loan also represented a lucrative opportunity for Steve Westly, a major investor in the car company who had raised more than $500,000 for the president’s campaign.

    In 2009, the U.S. Department of Energy lent more than half a billion dollars to companies backed by Westly’s California venture capital firm. In 2010, the White House tapped Westly for a seat on a special energy advisory panel that gives him regular access to Energy Secretary Steven Chu. Westly boasts on his website that his firm is “uniquely positioned” to take advantage of the Obama administration’s interest in green energy.

    Nor was Westly an isolated case. John Doerr and George Kaiser actually got more than Westly in green loans, and between the three received more than $1.5 billion. Doerr also got an advisory panel position as well:

    The department lent $528 million to Fisker Automotive, whose electric car is being financed by a venture capital firm run by billionaire Obama supporter John Doerr — a firm that touts former Vice President Al Gore as a board member. And, a $535 million federal loan guarantee was used to help a California solar cell company whose major investors include George Kaiser, an Oklahoma billionaire who raised between $50,000 and $100,000 for Obama during the 2008 election.

    CPI revisits the curious case of Solyndra as well, another half-billion-dollar bust in which the new Congress has taken an interest:

    Doerr and Kleiner Perkins executives have contributed more than $1 million to federal political causes and campaigns over the last two decades, primarily supporting Democrats, and Doerr serves on Obama’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board. Doerr did not respond to multiple interview requests about his dinner with Obama.

    Another beneficiary of Energy Department aid is Solyndra Inc., a California solar power firm whose financial backers include Oklahoma oil billionaire George Kaiser, a bundler who raised at least $50,000 for the president’s campaign in 2008. Solyndra, a recipient of a $535 million 2009 loan guarantee to help create jobs, laid off some 180 temporary and fulltime workers the following year, prompting questions in Congress over whether its new manufacturing plant will spur the 1,000 fulltime U.S. jobs the company promised.

    Nor are these the only ways in which Westly and Doerr were able to cash in their fundraising for a perch at the government trough:

    Obama’s focus on environmentally promising technologies while gaining support from clean tech titans comes at a time when the Energy Department’s handling of government largesse is gaining scrutiny. The Government Accountability Office, the investigatory arm of Congress, raised concerns in a report last year about favoritism in the awarding of some loan guarantees. The Energy Department’s inspector general told Congress this month that some stimulus contracts may have been steered to “friends and family.”

    A GAO report to be released this week is expected to focus on a specific automotive loan program that benefited five companies, including two supported by the Westly and Doerr venture firms.

  31. Kinglyam says:

    Gee, not surprising that I had to go to a foreign news report on this to find something this anti-Obama blog conveniently left out:

    “An Interior Department report published on Tuesday said that more than two-thirds of offshore exploration licences in the Gulf of Mexico have yet to be acted upon by oil companies.”

    So I guess by all you commentator’s reasoning, since Obama is the one stopping the drilling, apparently you think he should order the oil companies to get to exploring the areas they’ve already got access to. Not that facts ever have gotten in the way of a good rant in American politics.

  32. DH says:

    this president is so clueless it defies belief. an economic buffoon, a social dreamer, an energy policy idiot, laughing stock of the entire world…..how on earth did we get here….elections do have consequenses.

  33. denmond says:

    You mean gimmicks like airing up your tires?

  34. Paul says:

    WE NEED TO DRILL. Why is the president stuck on stupid? Why has he tried to block every drilling project from Alaska to off the gulf coast?

    Why has he sat there for OVER TWO YEARS and did NOTHING?

    2012 can’t come soon enough!!!! VOTE HIM OUT and he can go to Uganda with Gadaffi for they are two of a kind.

  35. Avery Gordon says:

    “The American people need action from President Obama not another lecture,” said Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, “especially as skyrocketing gas prices are crippling middle-class families and small businesses.”

    Cornyn??? Sorry, but he’s holding up progress, real progress, like all the other Texans who can’t figure out that they can still make tons of money – their chief aim – by grabbing hold of alternative technologies and getting us free of oil, period.

  36. MrProgressive says:

    He’s right that we should create our own energy here in the USA. Exploring for, producing and distributing NG and oil in this country are jobs that can’t be outsourced. Of course there are those who will automatically gainsay anything that President Obama says, but since the “gas crisis” in Jimmy Carter’s presidency every president has called for a comprehensive energy plan, and congress has consistently failed to enact one. We’ll see if congress actually does anything this time…

  37. HillCountryDrifter says:

    What, you mean keeping out tires inflated didn’t already solve the energy crisis? Talk about gimmicks and slogans; just how big a difference did that gimmick make? He also said this: “I will set a clear goal as president: In 10 years we will finally end our dependence on oil in the Middle East.” How’s that working out for us? This poseur is an unqualified community agitator. Why should be believe anything he says?

  38. to not be mention says:

    OBAMA for 2012 and beyond!!!

  39. Chuck says:

    We need someone leading this country that has an understanding that just because they say something it will magically happen. His obstructions to drilling over the past year has put this country in a bad postion. We also need a leader that won’t keep suing its citizens.

  40. Trail Trash says:

    Snake oil! Snake oil for sell! Step right up and get yourself a brand new barrel of 100% bio-sourced renewable non-polluting energy effiecnt snaaake oiiiil!

  41. Greg says:

    How about we stop exporting 2 million barrels per day of our oil and keep it here? There is 10% of our 20 BPD

  42. TexasFred says:

    We can reduce oil imports by 100%, and I have to tell you, I am NOT a Palin fan, but her “DRILL BABY DRILL” is the most intelligent thing she ever said… America has more oil than ALL of OPEC put together, we have the largest supplies of oil, coal and natural gas of any nation on earth.

    Did Obama miss this part?

    Barack Hussein Obama wants to lay out a plan that will cut oil imports by a third…a THIRD! Pay attention you liberal, One World fool, we can cut American oil imports by 100%, if you have the *stones* to stand up to your UNION supporters and *GREEN* friends.

    The development of U.S. oil resources, the building of new storage and refining facilities and the distribution of our own oil and gasoline to the American people, when coupled with the estimated cost per barrel being somewhere in the neighborhood of $16 dollars a barrel…well, even a child could see where this goes.

    American financial freedom and wealth, IN America, that will put us back in the position of being the leader of the free world.

    I have posted a story on The TexasFred Blog that fully illustrates exactly why Barack Hussein Obama will NEVER allow it to happen, it’s GOOD for America!

  43. Luckyone says:

    His plan (gimmick) is blow baby blow.

  44. pdh42 says:

    Well I guess that we can all park our cars as Nobama is going to make it where we can NOT afford to drive them…. In fact by the time this fool is finished we may not even have a country to drive in any way as he will bankrupt this country before he is done….

  45. Tom says:

    If domestic energy production is such a big priority then why did we just loan Brazil’s national oil company 2 BILLION taxpayer dollars to do their own exploration?

    I swear, this guy is evidence that you can tell when a politician is lying. Their mouth is moving.

  46. idjit says:

    Obama seems to forget very quickly. We have now seen drilling rigs move to other areas of the world, NEVER TO RETURN, because of HIS dilly dallying since the spill. New rigs will have to be built, which takes TIME, of which we have none. He has done everything in his power to block new drilling domestically, blaming REPUBLICANS??? for it. I am sick & tired of ALL politicians. Delay, delay, delay, & THEN declare an emergency. Who pays? We poor folks. I don’t believe a word Obama utters. He is even more dishonest than most politicos. Liars, cheats, thieves, the lot of them. Any middle schooler could do better at resolving this problem. DRILL. HOLD COMPANIES RESPONSIBLE, AT THE RISK OF PRISON TIME FOR EXECUTIVES. PRODUCE OIL. LOOK FOR ALTERNATIVES. DO IT. DON”T TALK ABOUT IT.

  47. James Maxwell says:

    Obama is blowing meadow muffins and doing the “Smoke and Mirror” shuffle.
    His idea of reducing our dependency is by shutting down domestic oil
    production and making us all buy electric cars then closing the power
    plants that produce the electriecity. As and old saying goes “This
    does not pass the smell test” in any shape form or fashion or at any level.

  48. jukester says:

    Mr Obama, I live in Texas. You sir, are the only liar in this conversation! We cannot wait for 2012 to come soon enough, to eject you and your propaganda cronies out of office!

  49. jake38 says:

    Any elected official in national office has few political choices he or she can make regarding how “truthful” they are to the American public and stay in political office when it comes to energy. Simple facts like how quickly domestic oil extraction is declining and how many other former oil exporting countries are experiencing similar declines can’t be openly discussed.

  50. James says:

    Let me get this right, No Drilling, No Imports…. All this means is what we all know… NO BRAINS!

  51. David Gower says:

    He clearly doesn’t realize that his administration is part of the current problem. Do any of his cabinet members or key policy makers have any oil, gas, coal, nuclear, etc experience?

  52. Joe says:

    “today sought to reassure the nation that he has a coherent plan to reduce American reliance on imported energy.”
    We’ve heard this before.

  53. TXTACO says:

    And I guess this oil is then going to magicaly appear… If you stop drilling here and stop oil imports …. Wait – I get it, Unicorn milk will power our vehicles.

  54. Steve says:

    What a bunch of rhetoric. I love how this guy spins things. You’re right.. the “slogan” drill baby drill has accomplished nothing.

    But its only slogan because we have NOT drilled BABY!

    If we did, we would decrease our dependence on foreign energy.

    Keep talking though, folks see through the rhetoric and are coming to the booth in 2012 LISTENING to what you REALLY say and lining it up with what you REALLY do.

    Its easier to spin things on the campaign trail or as freshman senator or a community organizer or a law professor or whatever you did before that… but once your president, your actions are what speak.

  55. Jim says:

    how does obama expect to cut the imports when he leads the way to prevent drilling offshore the USA? obama is the problem, not the solution

  56. Dollar says:

    Dicky , I agree. But I have little optimism that the voters will make him a one term president.

  57. chiefdecoy says:

    “The truth is, none of these gimmicks, none of these slogans, made a bit of difference,” he told the students.
    Especially the ones from the 2008 campaign…..

    “Any claim like that is simply untrue,” he said.
    As someone who WORKS (or is idle right now) in the offshore oil industry, and sees the mountains of stacked equipment, I have to wonder if this idiot thinks that 5 or 6 permits gives him the right to this claim?
    It’s a great thing my company was able to move enough of their equipment overseas so as to compensate for this time of stagnant uncertainty in the GOM. He will wait until election time to open the GOM back up, thus making himself look like a hero to boot (Just like he is trying to do in Libya)…..
    You are just another stereotypical, used car salesman like, politician my friend. NOTHING special…..

  58. TransAmer99 says:

    Then you’d best open up domestic drilling, Buckko, because energy demand is projected to grow regardless of which alternative ‘flavor of the day’ you happen to be savoring and because none of the alternatives will be ready to replace oil – either stationary or mobile – by 2025. The idea that you can simply switch to an alternative – even if it costs more – is a pipe dream. All of the options are or soon will be available to supplement hydrocarbons, but none of them singularly nor collectively can replace oil. Even if it could, we’d still need oil for textile manufacturing, agriculture (fertilizers as well as transport), medicines/medical supplies, plastics, construction… you cannot point to a single industry or product that does not in some way depend on hydrocarbons for its existence.

  59. NetNet says:

    The net effect will be MAYBE about 5% decrease if any since the net increase over that same period of time will be about 30% more imports if we don’t do something within a much shorter period of time….say 5 – 10 years. The village idiot rides teleprompter again.

  60. JGrosman says:

    Where is the money, we are already broke. You are pushing us more in dept.

  61. TXSFRED says:

    Can you spell DRILL, College boy? I knew that you could… and please don’t get your panties in a wad because I called Prresident Obama what he is, an unqualified academician who, at 50, has never had a job where he had to PRODUCE until 2008….and, guess what…he isn’t…

  62. kztoy says:

    Green gimmicks like ethanol, biofuels, solar, and wind power?
    These certainly aren’t short-term fixes, although they might provide long-term keys to a problem that both he and Congress still haven’t addressed with our national energy policies. Obama’s speeches while campaigning for president and his actions as president do NOT match. Instead of withdrawing from the Middle East, he’s diving in deeper. He’s got amnesia all right, he’s having trouble remembering his promises to this country about what he’d do…

  63. Jennifer says:

    In ONE SECOND the sun produces enough energy to support the entire UNITED STATES for a MILLION YEARS! This is from a scientific equation tested and proven by physists. Why the heck do we need oil period? Wake up! Even if we could only make technology that would be able to caputure in one 24 hour period one hundred millionth of the sun’s energy and transform it into usable energy, we would never have to worry about getting energy or the pollution caused by traditional energy ever again.

  64. Steamer56 says:

    Don’t believe anything that scum says.

  65. Rick says:

    Obama has spoken…. Twaaang the magic wand and it shall happen. This Q-tip wannabe thinks all he needs to do is mention something impossible and then it becomes fact! I sure hope he goes back to Chicago when the USA dumps him!

  66. CaptSternn says:

    Yes, we could eliminate oil imports by 2020 or sooner if we had more domestic drilling and production. Obama is doing just the opposite, not allowing drilling and production while helping Brazil boost its drilling and production. Bt allowing it here would make us energy independent, lower energy costs, increase national security, create millions of good paying jobs and eliminate the trade deficit while getting us out of the business of defending foriegn sources with military might. Those are not what the left wants.

  67. joe says:

    Oh but let’s ban Gulf of Mexico drilling.

    This guy will go down as the worst leader in all of mankind, and no future president will ever come close to toppling that feat.

  68. intrepid says:

    Obama is the biggest ‘gimmick’ in America. GTFO 2012!

  69. electric rodeo says:

    news flash Barry ! If you wanna do that then we need to drill here…..your not too bright are ya?

  70. Dicky says:

    The only quick fix is voting him out in 2012; he is the only one not telling the truth