Houston company eyed in oil slick


NEW ORLEANS (AP) — A Houston company is helping the Coast Guard clean up oil that has reached the shores of Louisiana even though the company on Wednesday disavowed responsibility for the spill.

A statement issued by Anglo-Suisse Offshore Partners said the company was surprised to learn that the Coast Guard believes the oil spill originated from one of its non-producing wells.

 Anglo-Suisse said it was in the process of plugging and abandoning the well when it reported a discharge of less than five gallons to the Coast Guard on Friday. The well was shut in Wednesday morning and is no longer capable of flowing, the company said.

An estimated one-quarter to one-half-mile of shoreline has been affected by patches of oil, according to the Coast Guard, which said preliminary test results on oil taken from the shores of Elmer Island suggest a possible match with oil taken from the company’s well.

“We do not believe the spill along the coast is the result of our operations,” Anglo-Suisse CEO John Sherwood said in a statement. “However, when the Coast Guard informed us that this might be the case, the responsible thing to do was mobilize.”

Roughly 8,400 feet of boom, barge boats and skimmers have been deployed to contain and clean up oil.

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12 Responses

  1. bob says:

    it has been reported since the second day of the discovery that it is sediment from dredging along the mouth of the mississippi.
    somebody is determined to make this out as a spill and hammer those rotten oil companies.

    • Tom Fowler says:

      There actually were two different sets of oil spotted: the stuff offshore that was determined to be dredging etc. and then the different stream that came ashore and has a different fingerprint to it. On the same day Coast Guard concluded the biggest areas were sediment etc. they said in the same announcement there appeared to be a diff. substance from diff. source. Here’s the release: http://www.d8externalaffairs.com/go/doc/425/1043939/

  2. RUSSELL says:

    Adler, You and KB should get together over a cold Pearl Light and dream up other Obama conspiracy theories. You guys amaze me.

  3. RUSSELL says:

    @ KB, An oil slick appears off of the coast and no discharge reports have been filed with any agency, then the media begins to report about the slick and all the sudden Anglo-Suisse Offshore Partners “under” reports a discharge of 5 gallons, Coast Gaurd samples the oil and matches it to Anglo-Suisse Offshore Partners well. Then all the sudden its Obama’s fault and his hit men are out for the industry. Come on buddy!

  4. A Texian Observer says:

    And we believe the company when they say “less than five gallons”. . . why?

    Seriously, have we learned nothing from BP’s denials, obfuscations and outright lies? It’s not ancient history, folks.

  5. gson says:

    As Adler stated, “O’BOzO touts offshore and deep water drilling in Brazil to the effect of sending Petrobras $BILLIONS.” Yet, he still wants a moratorium on our shores…. Who are we kidding here? the POTUS has not love for this country and he would especially love to see Texas oil go away. There is so much more going on here than a five gallon oil spill…. This country needs to become independent when it comes to energy! And, we are fools if we think we can provide enough “green” energy to keep the engine of this country running. I’m all for green myself – love the idea of using natural sources…. yet oil is a natural source – we just have to drill for it.

  6. Boliver says:

    rat618: Boehner doesn’t need to introduce a “jobs” bill. Congress doesn’t create jobs other than “govt.” jobs; the free market does….if Congress doesn’t get in the way by over-regulation and over-taxation. And, it’s the Demmies who have “porked” their way to the biggest deficits in U.S. history.

  7. Indianpaintbrush says:

    If I am not mistaken, EPA rules require any spill, no matter the size, to be reported, even if it is just a few gallons.

  8. rat618 says:

    And perhaps the company is just blowing smoke with the five gallon statement. Of course I’m sure you believed everything Tony Hayward said. Quit worrying about “the scary black man in the White House” and ask John Boehner to introduce just one jobs bill in the House…that’s what the Republicans ran on, not union busting, abortions, guns, and pork but that’s all we have seen to date from this new leadership.

  9. Cock_A_Doodle_Dude says:

    KB: You used a lot of words to say nothing!

    The original reports of a mile long sheen would support a slick from a well in the process of being abandoned. This has been in the news for almost a week. It will cost more than $100k to clean it up and there should be no legal if it is all done on the up and up.

    just, just, just – WTF was all that for KB?

  10. Adler says:


    There finished your sentiment KB.

    Yet, O’BOzO touts offshore and deep water drilling in Brazil to the effect of sending Petrobras $BILLIONS.

  11. KB says:

    Five GALLONS? Over a half mile stretch? Wow…Obama and his hit men are really stretching this for all they can get. hahahaha! 5 gallons. I’ve seen more than that come out of a Mercury 100 hp from a bass boat. And they deployed 800 feet of boom…for what? I guess they’ll get a bill for about $100,000 and legal fees. Or protection from legal fees…this is just incredible. I thought I’d seen it all. This government won’t be happy until they put a lid on the entire Texas oil industry forever. But, next year…maybe we can put Barry and his libtards in a barrel and float them out to sea forever and get on with making the economy work again. I thought this was a joke when I first read it…and now I’m just…just. Just.