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Manipulation unlikely for U.S. oil benchmark, says UH study

The Commodity Futures Trading Commission is set for a hearing Thursday to share details of its plans to limit commodity trading, an effort that came about following claims oil markets have been manipulated by speculators in the past. A new study takes exception to that notion of manipulation — at least in the volatile months […]  More »

Lobbyists writing laws: are you surprised?

The Washington Post reports that a bill amendment offered by Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) limiting the Environmental Protection Agency from regulating carbon dioxide under the Clean Air Act was written by energy industry lobbyist (including one who comes through Houston regularly): …. two Washington lobbyists, Jeffrey R. Holmstead and Roger R. Martella, Jr., helped craft […]  More »

Want a more energy efficient home? Hurry up and wait.

The nationwide home-building slump has led many tied to that trade to diversify, with some taking to upgrading the energy efficiency of existing homes. Seems like an easy sell, helping home owners save money, right? Not exactly. Demand for energy efficiency services is weak because of the costs and a lack of incentives, reports USAToday: […]  More »

Chron Energy Newslinks | 01.12.10| Trading limit decision pending, no parking in China

• CFTC decision on trading position limits approches. • Thank speculators for low home heating bills. • BP overtakes Shell in market cap. • Chevron warns refining profits will be down. • Fluor completes work on 800 megawatt coal plant in North Texas. • Fort Worth may extend injection well moratorium. • Gateway buys Barnett […]  More »

That '70s oil crisis again: think 1979, not 1973, though.

A rebound in oil prices and renewed tensions (and new ones) in the Middle East may seem like more of the same that we’ve seen since the early days of OPEC. But Amy Myers Jaffe notes the lesson we should be remembering isn’t the short-lived 1973 Arab oil embargo, but the oil crisis spurred by […]  More »

Bredero Shaw, OOO ArkhTekhnoProm form pipe coating JV

January 11,2010 –Bredero Shaw has agreed with OOO ArkhTekhnoProm to establish a pipe coating facility in Russia’s Arkhangelsk region that will provide advanced concrete weight coating services to the northern Russia offshore pipeline market…..  More »

2009 was a good year for energy. No, really.

Sure we saw energy industry cutbacks and layoffs in 2009, drilling rigs packed in and commodity prices falling. But it was still a good year for investors in the energy business, with “nearly 85 percent of oil and gas stocks in the global market delivered positive returns last year” according to the Energy Peer Group […]  More »

Will History Repeat Itself?

Oil prices have moved back above $80 as new investors moved money into oil futures markets in the new year. Going long again in oil seems a safe bet. Temperatures are cold, upping heating oil demand. GDP growth is recovering. But maybe most importantly, the level of instability and conflict in the Middle East seems […]  More »

Huge find in the Gulf's shallow waters *update*

Lately all the news out of the Gulf has been about the ultra deepwater. Turns out you can go deep while still staying shallow: McMoRan Exploration Co. and Energy XXI (Bermuda) Ltd. said they discovered what may be one of the biggest oil and gas finds in decades in the shallow waters of the U.S. […]  More »

A billion, a drill bit and the Arctic ocean

It’s tough enough finding and producing on land in the Arctic. Nevermind the technical challenges, there’s plenty to contend with on the political/environmental front. But companies are still willing to spend the bucks to get at the resoures, even in Arctic waters notes Reuters (via RigZone): Exxon Mobil Corp. is reportedly mulling over a deal […]  More »

A 'monster' in the Barnett

Aubrey McClendon may have a reputation for using superlatives rather freely when it comes to the natural gas business, but his description of one Barnett Shale well as “a monster” may not be too far off, notes the Fort Worth Star-Telegram: The well [at a site in Arlington in far southeast Tarrant County] is the […]  More »

Chron Energy Newslinks | 01.11.10 | LNG held at bay, Venezuela on the brink

• Natural gas productivity will displace LNG imports, says Bentek. • Rosetta, Calpine E&P spin-out, rises above the fray. • Texas to get a share of energy tax credits. • Duke goes big with solar and North Carolina’s green law takes hold. • States want delay on new emissions rules. • WasteManagement landfills fuel California’s […]  More »