Cajun musician urges action from spill commission in song


While many folks told their stories to the national oil spill commission at public meetings in Louisiana this week, one local man hoped to move them in song.
Cajun singer-songwriter Drew Landry, who belongs to a local group concerned about the spill and is the subject of a documentary about his struggles for success in the music industry, first told commission members about difficulties he ran into when he tried to volunteer to help with cleanup.
Landry then launched into a rendition of “BP Blues,” which he wrote to chronicle the Gulf disaster. Check out his testimony below. Lyrics to the song are after the jump.

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Grew up on the southern shore
Louisiana now there ain’t no more
kickin mud off up a crawfish hole
barefooted with a fishin’ pole
Make a living with my own two hands
hell it’s part of being who I am
went to workin’ in the oil fields
that’s the only way to pay our bills
And if i’m lucky I can have a son
take him hunting like his daddy done
get him workin’ on a shrimpin’ boat
up and down the Gulf of Mexico
Eleven dead out on a deep sea rig
doin’ what it is they had to live
oil bleeding from a gaping hole
up and down the Gulf of Mexico
Morgan City down to Mobile Bay
Pascagula down to Fla
still I’m stuck out here for seven more
watching everything turn black offshore
And brother even if they cap the well
hell it’s just another oil spill
our way of life won’t be around no more
and all I wanted was to go back home.
Little brother he ain’t feeling well,
what you spraying on that oil spill
how may of us gonna lose our lives
before the people get to work on time
Kickin’ mud up off of a crawfish hole
barefooted with a fishing pole
goin’ back into the oil fields
that’s the only way to pay our bills…

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Tom Fowler

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  1. Bon Jovi says:

    I was looking at cruises today before the oceans turned into a can of Quaker State. I was thinking that I was surprised someone hadn’t come up with an “oil slick cruise”. Galveston to New Orleans then to Miami and back. Could do gambling and free booze and free respirators the whole trip. Maybe they could call it “The Last Look Cruise”!

  2. Tom O says:

    Well more drilling geez. Why when asked can’t people defend that stance and just say “I want drilling to continue”. I do not care about the risks”. All I ever personally see is people talk around that subject and attack “not drilling”. I really think if that cavern is damaged drilling will be a mute point in 6 to 10 months anyway. It will take the eco systems a good while to spin down diminish which will be immediately followed by economies. Now I know there will be attacks and thats ok but tell us what you would do instead of just attacking. Put your name on record as saying damn the risks lets drill instead of just attacking not drilling on a very limited scale I might add.

  3. Txnglf says:

    The “Comission” is just political camera hogging. The only people in government who know anything about the technical issues of the leak are in the Minerals Management Service and they all got thrown under the bus within the first few days of the explosion so that the White House and Congress could act in charge. We’ve been getting nothing but stupid questions being asked to the wrong people ever since.

  4. Tom says:

    This is a kangaroo court with a predetermined outcome…period, full stop, end of story.
    I’ve known of and respected Bob Graham since he was the Governor of Florida. He has a serious legacy he has worked hard for 30+ years to develop that will either be reinforced by him yanking this commission out of the political realm or be confirmed by him admitting that this commission is a political sham and stepping down.

  5. HighPlainsDrifter says:

    Victor: Well, since those of you with brains know everything, why don’t you just tell the commission and they can go home? Why do we have to suffer through this charade? BTW: BP was shelling out $$$ to those who were hurt, until the benevolent gov’t took over that function. You got a problem with it, talk to them.

  6. Victor Lazslo says:

    Finding the cause of the accident? Those of us who have brains know what the cause of the accident was. BP’s haste to make more profits. Shortcuts. No safe guards.
    It is time for BP to start shelling out $$$ to those who have been hurt by this man-make disaster!

  7. HighPlainsDrifter says:

    This so-called ‘commission’ is a joke. What does any of this have to do with finding the cause of the accident?

  8. Ridge says:

    No wonder why he’s a struggling musician.