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BP's letter to drillers warns of equipment changes

The Chronicle has obtained a copy of a letter BP sent out to its drilling contractors asking them to check both the operations and documentation around their blowout preventers and other equipment on other BP jobs. U.S. Coast Guard Commandant Admiral Thad Allen told the Chronicle this week it appears the blowout preventer involved in […]  More »

More from BP COO on efforts to stop Gulf spill

Yesterday, BP Chief Operating Officer Doug Suttles was at the Coast Guard news briefing in Houma, La., to answer some questions from the media about the Gulf spill. Here’s some of what he said about plans to stop the leak: Q: Thoughts around how successful the containment system is going to be and the level […]  More »

Chron Energy Newslinks | 05.07.10 | A pause in new offshore drilling. MMS too lax on rules.

• Spill containment device begins its decent to the sea floor and all new offshore drilling temporarily halted by feds. • MMS gives industry too much slack in writing safety rules. • Spill complicates Fed energy bill but may not kill it. • Lieberman: Offshore drilling in climate bill getting a ‘second look’ • Defense […]  More »

A few more takes on the Deepwater Horizon accident

The growing number of experts and pundits are coming forward to speak about the Deepwater Horizon. Here are three more that we found yesterday. Don Van Nieuwenhuise, the Director of the Professional Geoscience Programs at the University of Houston, talks in layman’s terms about the different methods BP is using to try to stop the […]  More »

Map of spill, May 7

spill_fri_0507  More »

Hearings planned on boosting BP's liability

Legislation that would raise the legal limit on what BP and other companies can be forced to pay in economic damages after oil spills such as the one in the Gulf got a new push today, courtesy of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Although a 20-year-old law requires the responsible parties to pay the entire pricetag […]  More »

Interior suspends planning for offshore lease sale

The Interior Department is suspending public meetings and other work designed to pave the way for the planned sale of an oil and gas drilling lease about 50 miles off Virginia’s coast. The move — set to be formally announced in a notice in the Federal Register on Friday — effectively halts all planning for […]  More »

Democrats seek independent commission to probe oil spill

Democratic lawmakers today took the first steps toward creating an independent commission to investigate the April 20 explosion of the Deepwater Horizon and the resulting oil spill threatening wildlife and wetlands along the Gulf Coast. Reps. Lois Capps, D-Calif., and Ed Markey, D-Mass., are introducing legislation that would create a non-partisan “blue-ribbon” panel tasked with […]  More »

Offshore drilling protests don't faze OTC-goers

There were two small “protests” staged outside the Offshore Technology Conference at Reliant Park this morning, but the effect on conference participants inside was almost nil. The Sierra Club, Galveston Baykeeper and Environment Texas held a press conference on the edge of Reliant Park property near the Light Rail to call for BP to pay […]  More »

Hurricane season forecasts at OTC

There are a few weather companies here at the Offshore Technology Conference. Here is what some of them are forecasting for the 2010 Atlantic hurricane season: ImpactWeather — Calls for a very active season over the Gulf Coast, Atlantic Seaboard and Caribbean Sea. Forecast: 15 named storms, nine hurricanes, four hurricanes of category 3 and […]  More »

Lawmakers zero in on MMS

The beleaguered Minerals Management Service is getting sharp scrutiny for its role overseeing offshore drilling, as a growing number of lawmakers step up their criticism of agency regulatory decisions they say may have contributed to the Deepwater Horizon disaster. At issue is the MMS’ decision not to require remote-controlled triggers for activating blowout preventers to […]  More »

BP asks companies to check equipment paperwork

BP has asked Transocean and other companies it works with to check that the paperwork related to equipment such as blowout preventers that sit on top of undersea wells matches the actual configuration of the equipment in place. In a conference call this morning Transocean President and CEO Steven Newman said the company did receive […]  More »