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OTC and strip clubs *update

It’s not unusual to find a flyer from a “gentleman’s club” under your car window as you leave the Offshore Technology Conference. Some 70,000 conventioneers, most of them men, are an easy target for Houston’s thriving strip club scene. I have yet to see a flyer on my car after two days, but our photographer […]  More »

Map of oil spill, 5/4

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BP, Halliburton, Transocean meet with lawmakers

WASHINGTON — BP, Transocean and Halliburton executives fanned across Capitol Hill today for a series of closed door briefings with lawmakers to outline the scope of the oil slick in the Gulf and the efforts to contain it. David Nagel, executive vice president of BP America; Bob Moran, Halliburton’s vice president for government affairs; and […]  More »

API forms task forces to update offshore practices

The oil and gas industry has formed two task forces to figure out how to identify and reduce risks of offshore operations both short-term and long-term, the American Petroleum Institute said today. The task forces will bring together experts and work with teams BP is assembling to respond to the Gulf oil slick and make […]  More »

NCAR at OTC: Warmer waters mean more hurricanes in the future

Because of a warming climate there have been and will continue to be an increase in hurricane activity in the Atlantic that reaches the Gulf of Mexico, scientist Greg Holland from the National Center for Atmospheric Research said today at OTC 2010. At a technical session today on hurricanes, cyclones and tropical storms, Holland showed […]  More »

Bill White on what went wrong with Deepwater Horizon

Politicians usually don’t stick their necks out on the nuts-and-bolts technology of a given industry, particularly offshore oil and gas drilling. Not so for former Houston Mayor-turned-Texas-gubernatorial candidate Bill White. White put out his own analysis of the Deepwater Horizon accident, mainly in reaction to comments from Texas Gov. Rick Perry who described the incident […]  More »

Gulf oil spill by the numbers

Here’s the latest on the Gulf oil spill cleanup by the numbers: Total vessels (including tugs and skimmers): 196 Boom deployed: 486,940 feet Boom available: 668,081 feet Oil and water mix recovered: 23,968 gallons Dispersant Used : 156,012 gallons Dispersant available: 230,000 gallons Remotely Operated Vehicles: 10 Overall personnel responding: 7,484 BP says it also […]  More »

A call for suspending offshore drilling … from OTC?

A bit of tension is being scheduled for Thursday morning when the Sierra Club, Galveston Baykeeper and other Texas groups plan to hold a press conference calling for a moratorium on offshore drilling from outside the Offshore Technology Conference at Reliant Park. The 10 a.m. event is aimed at reminding people that the tragedy is […]  More »

Anadarko may have to pay out for the oil spill, too.

BP has been taking a beating on the financial and public image front since the Deepwater Horizon accident turned into a major oil leak, footing some $6 million per day in clean-up costs. It wasn’t their rig that sank, but they’re the leaseholder so they’re on the hook. Hardly mentioned so far been Anadarko’s 25 […]  More »

Chron Energy Newslinks | 05.04.10 | Five not-so-easy pieces. What the CCX sale says about carbon markets.

• BP trying to stem oil flow through five different techniques. • Rig accident cause, not effect, the talk of OTC this year. • Other takes on OTC and the accident from the NYT and the W$J, Bloomberg • Schwarzenegger drops offshore drilling support in wake of rig accident. • Feds keep up pressure on […]  More »

Map of oil spill: May 3

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Everyone wants an investigation of the Deepwater Horizon accident

There’s a saying in Houston media circles that the most dangerous place to be is between a particular local member of Congress and a camera (i.e. this person is a publicity hound). It seems every other legislator around the country is trying hard for that same reputation, announcing to anyone and everyone demands for investigations […]  More »

Chicago Climate Exchange Sale Shows Robustness of Carbon Market, not the opposite.

Over the weekend the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX) concluded an agreement to sell all of its operations to ICE (The Intercontinental Exchange) for $600 million dollars.  Interestingly, much of the news coverage has focused on the perceived “failure” of the CCX, and thus the “failure” of the carbon trading model.  Instead, what it represents is […]  More »

Workers will try valve shut-off today

AP Workers place oil-containment boom around in the central marshes in St. Bernard Parish, La. Monday, May 3, 2010. Federal representatives, industry officials and others involved in the joint response to the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico gave an update to reporters this afternoon. Here are some highlights: Workers today are slated to […]  More »

OTC 2010: Offshore folks like their shoes extra shiny

Sharon Hong/Chronicle An OTC attendee gets his shoes shined on Monday, the first day off the massive trade show at Reliant Center. Attendees at the Offshore Technology Conference at Reliant Center are doing a lot of walking. Exhibit booths span the entire building — 550,000 square feet of exhibition space — and the walk to […]  More »
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