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Down economy helps U.S. lower carbon emissions

Carbon dioxide emissions from energy use in the U.S. dropped 7 percent — 405 million metric tons — last year, a report from the U.S. Energy Information Administration said. Emissions have declined in three out of the last four years, the EIA said, but 2009 “was exceptional” making the largest absolute and percentage decline since […]  More »

Cameron, Halliburton named in lawsuit over Gulf spill

A BP investor has filed suit against the company’s directors, saying they made cost cuts related to safety in order to pursue profits, which led to the Deepwater Horizon disaster that could cost the company billions. The suit filed May 7 by shareholder Katherine Firpo also names Transocean and Houston companies Cameron and Halliburton as […]  More »

BP's containment device didn't work; Jon Stewart called it

Last week, the Daily Show’s Jon Stewart poked fun at BP’s plan to reduce the flow of oil in the Gulf by lowering a containment dome over the leak.* In a gleefully sarcastic science experiment using a bottle of cola, Mentos candy and a tiny flowerpot suspended from a fishing pole, Stewart attempted to show […]  More »

Compare Gulf oil spill size to your city

Google Map’s engineering manager, Paul Rademacher, has made a mapping tool that allows you to map the size of the oil slick in the Gulf and overlay it on any city in the world to compare the scale. “How big is the spill, really?” Rademacher asks. “It’s hard to get a sense of the true […]  More »

NRG finds nuke partner in Tokyo Electric

N.J.-based NRG Energy announced today that it has found a partner to build two new nuclear reactors at the South Texas Project site near Bay City. Tokyo Electric Power Company has signed a contract to buy an 18 percent stake in the South Texas expansion project. TEPCO is investing $155 million through its U.S.-based subsidiary […]  More »

The document Transocean workers were supposed to sign

In Sunday’s column, I discussed a disclaimer that workers rescued from the Deepwater Horizon were supposed to sign after they were brought ashore and before they could leave or contact their families. The documents presented to workers may have little legal significance — the workers were under duress and may not have known the full […]  More »

Obama’s Moratorium on Offshore Drilling May be Good Politics but it’s Bad Economics

By Bernard L. Weinstein* Several months ago, to the dismay of some environmental groups, President Barack Obama proposed opening new areas to deep water drilling along the southern Atlantic coast, a portion of the eastern Gulf of Mexico, and some of the coast of Alaska. But in response to the recent oil spill in the […]  More »

A sea change in how the U.S. gets and uses energy

The explosion on Deepwater Horizon and federal approval of the Cape Wind project are going to transform the energy landscape in the U.S., Chronicle blogger Victor Flatt wrote in an opinion piece yesterday. The two events, which coincidentally took place in the same week, indicate that we may have reached a sea change in how […]  More »

Chron Energy Newslinks | 5.10.2010 | BP's Gulf woes mount; Cape Wind makes a big deal.

• Gulf oil spill has cost BP $350 million so far. • Pointing a finger at contractors, BP tries to distance itself from the spill. • Deepwater rigs operated by Transocean had a mixed record on safety. • Doubts deepen over whether BP can handle the spill. • Justice Department to probe whether malfeasance played […]  More »

Magellan considering Texas pipeline conversion

Oklahoma-based Magellan Midstream Partners LP said last week that it is considering converting part of its Houston-to-El Paso pipeline to crude service. The pipeline conversion project will consist of reversing a segment of the Houston-to-El Paso (former Longhorn pipeline) from Crane, Texas to Houston in order to transport crude from West Texas to Magellan’s East […]  More »

Map of spill, May 10

Download this document  More »

Map of spill, May 9

Download this document  More »

Map of spill, May 8

spill_sat_0508  More »

Timeline: The Deepwater Horizon disaster

On April 20, 2010, an explosion on a deepwater drilling rig 40 miles offshore Louisiana launched an environmental disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. Despite rescue efforts, 11 of the 126 workers on the rig were presumed dead. The rig later sank, leaving a leak at a subsea well spewing thousands of gallons of crude […]  More »

EPA uses Internet to inform public of oil spill hazards

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has set up several online resources to post updates and provide information about the Deepwater Horizon oil spill and its impact on public health and the environment. The agency continues to post updates on its special oil spill page The website has links to real time air quality data, […]  More »
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