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Map of spill, June 1

Spill JUNE1 c  More »

Robots working to prep wellhead

Underwater robots are working today to clear away clutter from the wellhead where BP officials hope to begin cutting broken pipeline in their latest bid to contain the gushing oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico. The plan will entail cutting, then capping, a length of riser pipe that once connected the Macondo oil well […]  More »

Blogosphere Offers Radical Solution For BP Oil Leak

We were shocked to read a blog over the weekend that suggested two events in the ongoing effort for BP to cap the Macando well that has been spewing oil for 41 days since the Deepwater Horizon rig blowout. The first idea was that the Obama administration will soon be taking over control of the […]  More »

Map of spill, May 31

Spill, May 31  More »

Map of spill, May 30

Spill, May 30  More »

Map of spill, May 29

Spill, May 29  More »

Guest post: Dan Pickering's thoughts on the week

Hello Chronicle Readers, Topics of the week: Oil Spill:  Is there anything more frustrating and disheartening than an entire week of an oil spill?  This week brought us the first pictures of oily birds in Louisiana..and sadly they won’t be the last.  We finally know the flow rates associated with the spill – somewhere around […]  More »

Top kill will continue for another day or two

The top kill operations at BP’s leaking Macondo well will continue for another 24 to 48 hours, said Chief Operating Officer Doug Suttles at a press conference this afternoon. The company has done the “junk shot,” which involved injecting large chunks of rubber and other debris into the blowout preventer in an effort to block […]  More »

Obama vows U.S., BP will resolve "nightmare" in Gulf

Standing in front of calm waters in Grand Isle, La., President Barack Obama today decried the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico as an “assault on our shores, on our people, on the regional economy and on communities” all along the Gulf Coast. “This isn’t just a mess we’ve got to mop up,” Obama […]  More »

Louisiana's state leaders desperate to fight Gulf spill

Yesterday, President Barack Obama said the Coast Guard and Army Corps of Engineers approved part of a plan to build a wall of sand along the Louisiana coast to protect the wetlands. The 86-mile network of six sand berm will cost $350 million, Bloomberg said. The Coast Guard gave the green light yesterday, but only […]  More »

Obama tours Gulf Coast

President Barack Obama is touring Louisiana’s battered coast today and getting a close look at the oil spill that is tainting fragile marshland in the region. Obama’s one-day visit to the Gulf Coast began just after 10 this morning, when Air Force One touched down in New Orleans. Obama was greeted by U.S. Coast Guard […]  More »

Birnbaum out, Abbey in at MMS

With Minerals Management Service director Elizabeth Birnbaum having resigned yesterday, the director of another federal agency, Bob Abbey from the Bureau of Land Management, is stepping in to fill the post temporarily. Bureau of Land Management “Bob Abbey’s recent leadership on onshore energy reforms is exactly the kind of experience we need as we continue […]  More »

Nissan breaks ground on U.S. battery plant

Nissan broke ground this week at the site of a $1.7 billion plant in Tennessee that will make electric batteries for its all-electric vehicle, the LEAF. The plant will be the size of 22 American football fields and will be one of the largest battery facilities in North America, Gas2.0 said. It is expected to […]  More »

BP Chief says Gulf spill an "environmental catastrophe"

After initially saying that the magnitude of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico would be “modest”, BP’s CEO Tony Hayward this morning upgraded his assessment of the Macondo well leak to an “environmental catastrophe.” In in interview with CNN today, Hayward said “it’s clear that we are dealing with a very significant environmental […]  More »

Shell buys more US shale gas acreage

Shell announced today that it has agreed to pay $4.7 billion for shale gas acreage in the Marcellus and Eagle Ford plays. The company is buying subsidiaries which own East Resources Inc., a privately-owned business with activity mainly in the Marcellus shale. East Resources owns about 650,000 net operated acres in the Marcellus and 1.05 […]  More »
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