Chron Energy Newslinks | 11.04.09 | The big leak is plugged, raising cane over tariffs

GOP forces another price study on climate bill.

El Paso cuts dividend, jobs to follow.

Huge Australian offshore oil leak is finally plugged, and the firm says it knows cause, but it won’t say what it was.

Iraq to award West Qurna-1 oil field work to Exxon/Shell consortium.

Gazprom finds large gas field off Venezuela.

Coal-rich US puts faith in CO2 storage.

Interactive: The World’s Dirtiest Power Plants.

Don’t read the Virginia race as referendum on energy.

Yergin and Ineson on American natural gas revolution.

Alaska officials say they’re “closely monitoring” dueling gas pipeline projects.

NOAA deletes an “inconvenient” kids science page on CO2.

At Barcelona climate conference the message is “hurry up U.S.”

Chevron defends using recordings by convicted felon in Ecuador court battle.

Deloitte Energy Launches Energy Predictions 2010 Report.

Brazil raises cane over U.S. ethanol tariff.