Chron Energy Newslinks | 11.02.09 | A big mess off Australia, new labels for bulbs

What’s worse than an oil rig leaking? One leaking and burning.

Students may find fewer energy job openings.

Shale could change face of U.S. energy.

Getting gas out of shale: a technical talk.

State senator wants air study of shale-related emissions studied.

Denbury to buy Ft. Worth-based Encore Acquisition for $4.5 billion.

BP Texas City to fight OSHA fines.

Wind investment in Texas shows China’s clout in field.

Energy Future Holdings reports $80 million loss.

East Texas drilling report and the Northwestern Louisiana outlook.

Carbon capture and storage won’t significantly cut tar sands emissions, says study.

EU split over climate change goals.

Why FPL went from carbon tax support to cap-and-trade.

Light bulbs get new labeling standards.