Chron Energy Newslinks | 10.29.09 | Saudis drop WTI, Chesapeake won't drill near NY water.

Saudis drop WTI as their benchmark price.

ConocoPhillips to get lean after years of bulking up.

Interior chief says royalty relief for deepwater Gulf not necessary.

Enterprise Products Partners sees rise in profits. Finally! Someone who’s doing better than last year.

The oilman who went back to nuts and bolts: BP’s Tony Hayward.

Shell will comply with Iran gasoline import restrictions.

Shell profits drop on weaker oil prices.

Australian oil spill response called ‘world class’ despite 10 weeks of leaking.

Chesapeake won’t drill in NYC watershed.

Analysis: Pickup in U.S. jackup market not yet in the numbers.

Pickens: OSU town hall will be among his last. His barnstorming seems to be working, he says.

A green lining to Luminant’s Texas coal mining.

Eastern Europe industries rack up a surplus of emissions credits, threatening markets.

Dear Superfreakonomics Critics: Time is money in the climate debate too.

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