Chron Energy Newslinks | 10.27.09 | Senate climate hearings start, BP beats expectations.

What to expect from the climate change bill hearings in the Senate this week.

Do people really care ‘climate change’? How about ‘global warming’ or ‘climate weirding’?

Four degress warmer: an interactive map.

Climate warming article challenged.

Climate targets unattainable, says industry.
Carbon capture technology isn’t anywhere close to prime time.

Federal smart grid stimulus funding to be released today. Will CenterPoint get some love?

And the ‘greenest’ city in the U.S. is …

Venezuela readies “very specific measures” to save energy.

92-year-old’s web site a bit of a headache for Shell.

Goldman keeps $85 oil target on China’s diesel demand

Massive Puerto Rico fuel tank fire: arson or accident?

Gazprom expects EU to make good on natural gas committments.

What the global battery boom means for the future of South America’s poorest country.

The return of the gasoline bubble.

Leak on Dow pipeline causes Freeport evacuation.

LyondellBassell creditors win a round in court.

BP beats expectations in earnings.