Chron Energy Newslinks | 10.26.09 | Watch for falling oil dividends, 'smart meters' aren't paying off.

Profit drops may mean dividend cuts for BP, Shell.

Schlumberger’s Gould hopes $80 oil sticks around.

An energy industry vet’s latest act.

Rig count continues to creep up, with details from East Texas,

Venezuelan envoy to visit Alaska.

Few Energy Future Holdings (think TXU) bondholders take new deal.

Why fewer Barnett shale wells will be economic than industry predicts.

Crop-based biofuels contributions to climate change underestimated, study says.

Electric and hybrid cars about to hit the market en masse.

Is Oklahoma City recession-proof?

Texas PUC takes aim at pre-pay electric plans.

Smart meters only benefitting utilites (not consumers) so far.