Chron Energy Newslinks | 10.21.09 | Hello $80, goodbye December climate deal

A return to $80 oil: Good, bad or indifferent? Some say it’s clearly bad and we should have seen the signs for years.

Copenhagen climate talks will give a framework, but no final deal, says U.N.

Senate climate bill chances improve.

What’s the greenhouse gas that already has a price tag?.

Cap-and-trade, oil sands OK, says BP chief, but carbon capture won’t cut it.

Bush-era oil shale lease terms to be investigated, second round pending.

Alaska’s study of oil infrastructure risks has flaws, scientists say.

Plano-based Regal Energy slapped by securities regulators.

Natural gas is cleanest, cheapest and all-around best home fuel, says nat gas lobby.

Houston-based Acro offers California customers a deal on solar.

Yergin and Simmons take their differences to the letters page.