Chron Energy Newslinks | 10.14.09 | Texas shale air quality issue, creating a 'super grid'

Texas Commission on Environmental Quality testing Barnett Shale air.

Canada’s peak natural gas problem.

Shale gas as a global resource.

New Mexico project would link threee power grids, including Texas’.

Renewable power business goes small-scale and local.

Chesapeake says it will up its drilling budgets, production expectations.

Bush-era EPA document on climate change released.

Climate change more costly to farmers than climate bill, says study.

Where are the green jobs? Don’t look in the wantads, get out a map.

Carbon capture and storage: the very expensive silver bullet.

Did Chu say he’d put “every cent into electric cars”?

Qatar flies first natural gas fueled plane.

Italy’s Eni wins rights to develop Iraqi oil fields.