Chron Energy Newslinks | 10.13.09 | Of gas bubbles and fuel gluts.

Cold winter and shut-in refineries still no match for U.S. fuel glut.

Will gas shale be the next bubble to burst? Peak oilers have been thinking about this and Berman’s comments for a while.

Burst bubble or not, Chesapeake’s CFO got a nice bonus, notes

University of Texas may pre-sell up to $500 million in oil production.

Lyondell Chemical says its Texas tax bill is too high.

NY real estate tycoon to buy Chaparral Energy for $1.6 billion.

No Texas venture capital funds raise money in Q3.

Gazprom and China strike tentative deal.

U.S. aims for commercial-scale carbon capture in a decade.

California utilities must buy home-made electricity back from consumers.

Cost of complying with California’s regulations steep, but may not calculate benefits, too.