Chron Energy Newslinks | 10.09.09 | Peak pending, kiss those Utah leases goodbye.

U.K. group says peak oil is coming pre-2020.

Getting power and drinking water from the waves off Texas.

Oil and gas rallied this, spurred by dollar devaluation, but by Friday morning oil was going back down as Fed said it may tighten policy.

Utah drilling leases invalidated by Dept. of Interior.

Senate unlikely to talk about climate bill until November, Copenhagen unlikely.

The nat gas lobby finally gets in a groove.

U.S. Chamber of Commerce shrugs off climate change defectors.

Shell’s Australian offshore LNG vessel will be “much larger than an aircraft carrier.”

BP may spend $20 billion in Iraq.

UNC and Duke put aside basketball rivalry, do coastal wind project.

Who tops the list of America’s greenest colleges?