Chron Energy Newslinks | 10.02.09 | Tillerson calls for carbon tax, Ted Stevens simply talks

Report: Some refiners could struggle to meet debt terms.

University of Houston prof making waves in deepwater drilling

Houston’s Forbes list billionaires.

End of ‘clunkers’ sends car sales into a skid.

Natural gas tumbles with most ever in storage.

Oil drops with bad job numbers.

Green power use grows, but at a price says study.

Senate climate bill shifts the load on the tricky issue of carbon offsets. It also gives a big boost to nuclear power.

Exxon’s Tillerson calls for carbon tax, not cap-and-trade. Is it a real proposal or diversion?

Give the SEC some teeth, already.

Ted Stevens makes his first post-election defeat speech.

Perenco acquires Marathon Oil’s Gabon assets.

Chevron looks to move Ecuador environmental case to the Hague.

All those new discoveries mean an end to ‘peak oil,’ right?

DOE to unveil new online database of oil and natural gas research.

Water worries threaten U.S. push for natural gas.