Chron Energy Newslinks | 09.28.09 | Climate bill drifts, GE bulks up.

Climate change bill drifting off the Senate agenda.

GE Energy bulking up in Texas.

Texas competitive electric market (finally) making offers lower than city/regulated utilities.

India to launch energy-efficiency trading.

Flywheels put a different spin on electrical efficiency.

Fire breaks out at Tesoro refinery in Los Angeles.

Saudi oil minister says last year’s oil highs not the goal.

Does ethanol reduce gasoline consumption? Not much.

Laura Miller’s clean coal plant seeks stimulus funding.

China’s wind farms come with a catch: coal plants.

A new presentation by Matt Simmons on wind and tidal power.

U.S. Gas Fund may shrink with pending CFTC limits.

Abbott to buy chemical giant Solvay.