Chron Energy Newslinks | 09.25.09 | G8 gets an upgrade, war declared on plush toilet paper.

The G20 is the new G8.

Beaumont sues Entergy for ‘unethical, fraudulent’ billing.

Ecuador will forego Amazon oil drilling, for a price.

Oil brings Equitorial Guinea’s first consulate to Houston.

Chesapeake to sell half its Barnett shale pipelines and form midstream JV.

Natural gas fund shifts strategy, moves to OTC futures.

Dawn dishwashing liquid touts its oil fighting abilities.

Marathon tops oil and gas industry in green company rankings.

XTO hedges lock-in 2010 profits.

Shell to sell more oilfield services overseas and its downstream business in Greece.

China awarded first Abu Dhabi oil rig deal.

China starts building next phase of oil reserves.

Environmentalists target plush toilet paper.

Myth vs. Reality in the international climate talks.

Texas misses chance to spend stimulus weatherization money.