Chron Energy Newslinks | 09.23.09 | Exxon considers shale?

$1 billion+ in stimulus funds gives renewable energy biz a boost. Put another way, Iberdrola wins big, again.

Plug-in hybrid maker Fisker gets $529 million from feds.

Renewable vs. conventional energy capacity: the illustrated version.

“Big Oil” (Exxon) considers shale gas.

Pa. lawmaker warns gas drilling threatens forests.

Houston’s Cabot fined for drilling-related spill in Pa.

BP pays $1.7 million for rules violations at North Slope fields.

Venezuela and Total to invest $25 billion in oil project.

Entergy Texas toughens coastal power grid.

Austin hearing rallies opposition against climate change laws. Nothing nice to say about it.

Obama et al speak at U.N. climate change talks in New York.

• PG&E leaves U.S. Chamber of Commerce over “extreme” climate change stance. A bit more depth from the NYT on the topic.

DOE on nukes: “We’re thinking.”

The Chinese oil demand teaser (it’s all about the dollar).

Shuffling executives at utility giant AEP.

Where the banks are in the commodity business.

The Era of Xtreme Energy: Life After the Age of Oil.

Inside the soul of an oilman: Excerpt from “Crude World.”