Chron Energy Links: 01.19.09

Items on and elsewhere related to energy:
ConocoPhillips plans to cut 4 percent of work force
LyondellBasell’s fall into bankruptcy was swift
To tax or to trade? The CO2 legislative debate.
Carbon Tax or Cap-and-Trade? Don’t Forget “Neither”
F.T.C. Asks if Carbon-Offset Money Is Well Spent
Carbon job cuts: well, of course!
In the UK the Tories try to go green
Wyo. House gives preliminary OK to carbon bills
Commodity Trading – What’s the Market’s Biggest Concern Right Now?
Mississippi Power Seeks Approval to Build IGCC Power Plant with Carbon Capture and Sequestration
Toshiba Gains Most in 8 Days on Winning U.S. Reactor Contract
El Paso utility doled out $1.2M last year for energy-efficiency programs
UFOs wreck wind turbine… or why aliens hate green power.
The all-time low: the next target
Crude Zigs, Gasoline Zags, and America Sags
Texas’ new beef and oil businesses
Inupiat hunter’s heirs strike blow against BP
The Cost of the Biofuel Boom: Destroying Indonesia’s Forests