Chron Energy Links: 01.12.09

Items on and elsewhere related to energy:
Dynegy, Coal, and Two Takes at the Houston Chronicle
Schlumberger to cut up to 100 Houston jobs
Other oil field service job cuts likely
New Texas tax helped energy firms, others hard hit
Nuclear power’s core of support gains strength
Entergy asks NRC to stop reviewing its new reactor applications
Carbon market to shrug off downturn and top $150bn this year
As Europe Fiddles, U.S. May Take Lead on Climate Change
Heritage Foundation: Torturing Facts, Sacrificing the Poor
Emissions trading analogous to mobile telephony
Low entry barriers in electric car market
Little sympathy for Gazprom in Ukrainia gas dispute
Signed, sealed and not delivered: the Ukrainian gas dispute
Monday market roundup from Ray
Is ‘greenwashing’ really all that bad?
How’s your project going? asks an Alaska engineer.