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Exelon/NRG: the war continues (Updatedx2)

The war of words and filings between power companies Exelon and NRG Energy was turned up a notch today when Exelon proposed a slate of candidates for shareholders to consider voting onto NRG’s board of directors at its next annual meeting. Since the fall Exelon has been waging a $6.5 billion hostile takeover bid for […]  More »

Stimulus bill: What's in it for Texas, energy? (Updated)

The House passed its version of the massive economic stimulus package Wednesday with some energy-specific items in it, including: “Hey, that’s just what I asked for!” • $32 billion to upgrade the national energy transmission and distribution system using “smart grid” technology that better manages power flow, allows for demand response and incorporates renewable power […]  More »

Would you buy your electricity from TEXREP9?

The names of retail electric companies in Texas can be a bit colorful at times. There’s Juice Energy (now extinct), Brilliant Energy, Bounce and Dynowatt. Every few weeks it seems like a new one is filed with the Texas Public Utility Commission. But earlier this month several really odd names showed up: TexRep5, TexRep6 etc. […]  More »

TXU lowers electric rates, others coming down… sort of.

TXU Energy said it will lower electric rates as much as 15 percent on service plans for new customers across the state, a reflection of lower natural gas prices and “challenging economic times.” The new prices go into effect February 1 and could save a typical customer “… as much as $340 over a year, […]  More »

Refinery shutdown coming

Valero Energy says it is shutting down its entire Texas City refinery rather than keep parts of it open while some units undergo maintenance because refining margins are weak and demand for gasoline is down. Bill Klesse, Valero’s chairman and CEO, says refiners “must continue to use discipline in matching production wiht demand” and the […]  More »

Obama 'lights the fuse' on climate change debate: Updated

The Obama administration’s decision today to give states more power to regulate auto emissions is — not surprisingly — being embraced by the environmental community: Environmental Defense Fund direct David Yarnold called it “a bold first step toward fixing some tough problems.” “The President’s announcement, along with his determination to move forward on a cap […]  More »

Much ado about CO2 in Houston

All eyes have been on Washington, D.C. this week with the official start of the Obama administration and its big plans for new climate change laws, but it’s been a busy week for carbon trading in Houston, too. Platt’s held its 2nd annual Carbon Trading Conference here. The International Emissions Trading Association is holding a […]  More »

Maybe successful traders really are giving you the finger?

Researchers at Cambridge University have found biology plays a part in successful financial trading. According to a report published in The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences: To determine the traders’ prenatal testosterone exposure, the researchers measured their “2D:4D ratio,” which is the relative lengths of the index and ring fingers on the right […]  More »

Chron Energy Links: 01.19.09

Items on and elsewhere related to energy: • ConocoPhillips plans to cut 4 percent of work force • LyondellBasell’s fall into bankruptcy was swift • To tax or to trade? The CO2 legislative debate. • Carbon Tax or Cap-and-Trade? Don’t Forget “Neither” • F.T.C. Asks if Carbon-Offset Money Is Well Spent • Carbon job […]  More »

An oil exec, an environmentalist and some congressmen walk into a hearing…

It’s quite a feat getting 32 business and environmental groups to agree on a proposal for creating a U.S. climate change law, as the United States Climate Action Partnership claimed to do this past week. But it may be getting that many people on the same page is just the easy part. Climate change policy: […]  More »

One Woodlands, under Entergy: not too likely

Residents in parts of the Woodlands served by CenterPoint Energy were a bit angry that parts of the community served by Entergy-Texas had their power restored post-Hurricane Ike much more quickly. There’s been a movement afoot to get the companies to swap territories, but it appears that’s not going to work out, according to a […]  More »

Coal is dead, long live coal: updated

Dynegy’s recent announcement it was backing away from a joint venture to develop new coal plants was seen by some as another nail in the coffin of the key power plant fuel. But Texas and Illinois lawmakers are hoping to keep hope alive under the “clean coal” banner. The W.A. Parish Power Plant in Fort […]  More »

Chron Energy Links: 01.13.09

Items on and elsewhere related to energy: • Bush zeroed in on energy like no other president • Financial crisis makes cap-and-trade schemes less viable: analyst • US DOE head nominee Chu says he would restore US as energy leader • Coal ash crisis management as policy driver • Nuclear engineer: a manly kind […]  More »

Chron Energy Links: 01.12.09

Items on and elsewhere related to energy: • Dynegy, Coal, and Two Takes at the Houston Chronicle • Schlumberger to cut up to 100 Houston jobs • Other oil field service job cuts likely • New Texas tax helped energy firms, others hard hit • Nuclear power’s core of support gains strength • Entergy […]  More »

The Skilling resentencing: Jamie Olis redux?

The call for the resentencing of former Enron CEO Jeff Skilling won’t be the first time the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals has made such a demand of U.S. District Judge Sim Lake in a high profile white collar crime case. Is Skilling’s likely resentencing related to …. In 2004 Lake sentenced former Dynegy accountant […]  More »
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