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CERAWeek: LNG was slow in coming in Nigeria

Generally, there’s been a lot of talk for years about African LNG projects, said David Hobbs, CERA vice president of global research. “Nigeria LNG trains are a lot like London busses. There’s nothing for 20 years then they show up all at once,” Hobbs said, reference to comments by Emmanuel Egbogah, special adviser to the […]  More »

CERAWeek: Nigeria advisor says gas on rise

Emmanuel Egbogah, special adviser to the president on petroleum matters, Federal Republic of Nigeria, speaking as part of global energy markets panel: Africa has 500 trillion cubic feet of reserves, with Nigeria having about 14 percent of that, Egbogah said. Nigeria has been exporting LNG since 1999 and is developing more capacity. “We’d like to […]  More »

CERAWeek: Qatar official dodges cartel question

In response to audience questions, Ahmed Yousef Al-Khulaifi said the major Qatar liquefaction project is aiming to complete its fourth train — or plant — by the end of the third quarter of this year. The “Gas OPEC” question comes up from the audience, if the major LNG exporting countries – namely Russia, Iran and […]  More »

CERAWeek: Sempra's Darcel Hulse doesn't know

Darcel Hulse, CEO Sempra LNG is rather frank: “Just to give you an opinion from the beginning, I really don’t know. I don’t know how it will turn out.” Hulse said right now natural gas is a regional commodity and needs some sort of “universal pricing signal” other than the cost of delivery to become […]  More »

CERAWeek: ConocoPhillips exec extols oil sands

Kevin Meyers, president of ConocoPhillips Canada, greeted early risers at a breakfast on the second day of CERA Week with a chortle. Before discussing the oil bounty in Canada’s oil-soaked sands, he displayed a slide with a forward-looking statement, or corporate boilerplate on how whatever executives say shouldn’t be taken as an absolute. “Don’t take […]  More »

CERAWeek: Chevron's John Gass on the last 10 years

John Gass, president of Chevron Gas, reflected on all that’s happened in the gas market in the last ten years. It was less than 10 years ago when Gass went to China with an Australian group to introduce China to LNG. “This was when you couldn’t get a supplier to pick up the phone” to […]  More »

CERAWeek: Qatargas exec bullish on LNG

Ahmed Yousef Al-Khulaifi, COO of Qatargas Liquefied Gas Co., said natural gas accounts for about 20 percent of all global energy supplies. In the past ,natural gas has largely been a regional product, used close to where it was produced. But advancements in technology allows for greater use of liquefied natural gas tankers that move […]  More »

CERAWeek: Not your father's natural gas market

2007 might be the year in which the global gas business was born, said Michael Stoppard, CERA global gas senior director. July 16 was a particularly important day. The first half of 2007 saw, at last, a rise in significant imports of LNG into the U.S. On July 16 an earthquake in Japan shutdown a […]  More »

Natural gas day at CERAWeek

Welcome to day two of the Chronicle blogging from CERAWeek. Today is all about natural gas — we set it up with a piece in today’s paper about how natural gas is set to become a global commodity. Up first this morning, in a panel about the above topic: Ahmed Yousef Al-Khulaifi, COO of Qatargas […]  More »

Chronicle Energy Items: 02.13.08

A few of the energy related items in today’s Houston Chronicle or on • Venezuela to stop oil sales to Exxon Mobil: Venezuela’s state-owned oil company said Tuesday it will stop selling crude oil and other fuels to Exxon Mobil Corp. in retaliation for the U.S. oil giant’s efforts to freeze billions in worldwide […]  More »

CERAWeek: IEA to lower 2008 oil demand forecast

The International Energy Agency will revise downward its forecast for 2008 world oil demand slightly in a report scheduled to be released Wednesday. Nobuo Tanaka, executive director of the IEA, would not say how much the revision would be, but indicated that the agency still saw strong levels of growth in Asia and the Middle […]  More »

CeraWeek: Rogoff predicts home prices to fall 25 percent

In a media Q&A Harvard economist Kenneth Rogoff reiterated his belief that U.S. housing prices could drop by 25 percent thanks to the current subprime mortgage crisis. But that needs to be framed in the perspective of the massive increase in home values the country has seen in recent decades. Essentially this would amount to […]  More »

CERAWeek: Harvard's Rogoff: window dressing and $70 oil

Harvard economist Kenneth Rogoff isn’t a big fan of the stimulus package the U.S. Congress recently passed. “Honestly I don’t think it’s going to do much. It’s just window dressing,” Rogoff said in an address on “Energy and the Economy” at CERAWeek. That also goes for French plans for economic stimulus. The higher commodity prices […]  More »

CERAWeek: ConocoPhillips' Mulva on Venezuela et al

Unlike Exxon Mobil, ConocoPhillips is trying to go through arbitration with PDVSA regarding the assets the Venezuelan government has nationalized in that country. Some highlights from CEO Jim Mulva’s speech (based on the script provided by the company — he really didn’t start riffing on other stuff): But now, there is another crucial debate raging […]  More »

CERAWeek: What the rest of the press is saying

There are a lot of reporters here from the major wire services — Reuters, Dow Jones, Bloomberg, Associated Press — and lots of small specialty publications. The goals of the wire services in particular are a bit different from ours (meaning the print and online editions of the Chronicle and this blog). They’re looking for […]  More »
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