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CERAWeek: Competition not to blame for higher electric rates (Updated)

Deryk King, CEO of Direct Energy, Centrica North America (Direct Energy is the No. 3 electric retailer in Texas): King said there are four areas where electric competition has made a difference: 1. Choice and value for customers; 2. Conservation; 3. Technological Innovation; 4. Efficient decision-making on where and how to build new generation. King […]  More »

CERAWeek: Power exec exhorts Texans to use less electricity

Donald Evans, Chairman of Energy Future Holdings Corp., the company most of us knew as TXU Energy, said “We want more Texans to use less electricity.” The company will spend $400 million over 5 years on such efficiency efforts. Where’s it going? First, here is how EFHC is split up into three businesses: Luminant, the […]  More »

CERAWeek: CERA expects more government involvement in power

Lawrence Makovich, CERA vice president and senior advisor for global power, on what CERA thinks the big challenges are in the power sector: This is now an intersection of a new wave of investment spending globally, with Asia’s investments particularly large, with increasing costs for building new power plants and transmission systems. It will test […]  More »

CERAWeek: Power Day No. 1

Welcome to Day 3 of the Chronicle energy team blogging CERAWeek. Today is the first of two days dedicated to power — a new addition to the program this year. Actually, this is the first time in its 27-year history CERAWeek has really been a week. If it’s anything like year’s past, the number of […]  More »

Chron Energy Items: 02.14.08

A few of the energy related items in today’s Houston Chronicle or on • Expert says Chavez is in over his head: Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez doesn’t have the tactical advantage he thinks he does when it comes to controlling his oil-rich country’s resources, an energy security consultant told oil and gas executives Wednesday. […]  More »

Chevron: It's a gas, gas, gas

Natural gas is gaining much ground in Chevron Corp.’s portfolio. John Gass, president of Chevron Global Gas (and yes, he’s heard the jokes about Gass being a gas guy), says natural gas now makes up about 31 percent of Chevron’s overall production makeup. In the coming years that portion will grow to 45 percent as […]  More »

China's National Oil Company: Let's hook up

China National Petroleum Corporation’s international arm isn’t picky. It’ll go anywhere and wants to do business with anyone, especially American partners. Yiwu Song, vice president of CNPC International, says the company’s international segment is branching out and will go “everywhere we can go.” But so far CNPC has few American partners, and the company wants […]  More »

CERAWeek: What the rest of the media is saying

A few items that other media outlets are getting out of CERAWeek: New Qatargas LNG delays not a big problem – exec Wed Feb 13 20:14:39 UTC 2008 HOUSTON, Feb 13 (Reuters) – Start-up of a Qatari liquefied natural gas train that will supply Britain has been pushed back from June to the third quarter […]  More »

CERAWeek: So how much will bioengineered fuel cost?

The audience asked Craig Venter for cost estimates on how much these designer-bug-made biofuels would cost? “There’s nothing that should cost more than corn to ethanol,” he said. “Sugar cane to ethanol in Brazil works very well.” The notion of creating methane from CO2 eliminates the cost of the feedstock, Venter said, so the cost […]  More »

CERAWeek: How'd Venter go from DNA to energy?

After Venter and his colleagues finished sequencing the human genome “we asked what areas of science were the most important,” he said. The human genome project is helping with medicine, but he and his colleagues felt the use of fossil fuels and its environmental impacts were key. “It can work on scale, but whether it […]  More »

CERAWeek: Bioengineered CO2 recycling

There are a lot of organisms on Earth that use CO2 as their source of carbon, Venter said, such as an organism from the bottom of the ocean that lives near vents that pump hot water from the earth’s bowels. What happens if you marry that organism with a carbon sequestration project being planned to […]  More »

CERAWeek: What's the human genome have to do with energy?

Craig Venter, chairman of the J. Craig Venter Institute and a pioneer in genomics, is here to talk about work he’s doing essentially growing organisms for biofuels. The human genome mapping process essentially digitized biology, Venter said. It pretty much lets biologists build the kinds of cells they want. Venter has been at CERAWeek in […]  More »

CERAWeek: Cook says high oil prices not easy for Shell

The U.S. only had 1,000 petroleum engineering college graduates in 2007. In 2003 and 2004 China and India had four times as many. “Be an engineer” won’t work in attracting U.S. student to the business because it “sounds boring,” Cook said. “I can say that because I am one.” But telling them to come help […]  More »

CERAWeek: Shell's Cook on the 'three hard truths'

Linda Cook, executive director for gas and power at Royal Dutch Shell, said there are three hard truths about world energy these days: global demand is accelerating, the supply of easy oil won’t keep up, and the increased energy production means more CO2 emissions in an era of new greenhouse gas concerns. So the options […]  More »

CERAWeek: Skilling remembered

He’s in a federal prison cell in southern Minnesota, but Jeff Skilling’s place in the energy world survives. Linda Cook, executive director of gas and power for Royal Dutch Shell, opened her luncheon speech at the CERA conference today with a memory: The last time she was on the stage at the Westin Galleria, she […]  More »
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