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Chron Energy Links: 12.30.08

Items on and elsewhere related to energy: • Rules on reporting energy reserves get an update • Refiners cranking up diesel output to meet rising global demand • Smaller power retailers uneasy • Natural gas glut weighs on prices • Trans-Alaska pipeline shut down: Bad weather interfering with tanker loading • Wind storage – […]  More »

Obama's energy/EPA picks: the press release avalance

Press release writers have been busy cranking out missives on the incoming administration’s picks to lead the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Agency. Most of them have nice things to say (what a surprise!), but there are some interesting exceptions. Here’s a collection of statement put out about Steven Chu as Secretary of Energy, […]  More »

Enter the 'Egghead': Steven Chu for Energy Secretary

Saying “the Univeristy of California-Berkeley” and “U.S. energy policy” in the same sentence may send a chill up the spine of some in the oil patch, but they better get used to it. Berkeley physicist Steven Chu will be named Secretary of Energy under the Obama administration. Berkeley physicist and Nobel laureate Steven Chu. (UC […]  More »

Was TXU/PUC wholesale settlement a turkey?

On the Wednesday before Thanksgiving the Texas Public Utility Commission and the company-formerly-known-as-TXU announced a $15 million settlement of claims the company tried to manipulate wholesale power markets back in 2005. Big bird: Was the pre-Thanksgiving TXU/PUC announcement a “turkey drop”? The turkey float gets ready for the 59th Annual H-E-B Holiday Parade in Houston […]  More »

Alaska Gas Line: Palin OK's TransCanada

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin signed on the dotted line Friday and officially made a $500 million incentive available to TransCanada to do work on the long-awaited Alaska natural gas pipeline. On Friday, she joined Natural Resources Commissioner Tom Irwin and Revenue Commissioner Pat Galvin in Fairbanks to formally award the gas line license to TransCanada’s […]  More »

Think your Direct Energy bills got lost in the mail?

Thousands of Direct Energy electricity customers may end up with two or three months worth of bills showing up at once due to a computer software error. A new customer service and billing program the retailer switched to this summer has a bad habit of kicking some customer’s accounts into a sort of “waiting room” […]  More »