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Companies end preparations, Gustav hits production areas (Updated)

UPDATED 2 P.M.: The federal government’s daily report on Gulf of Mexico evacuations and shut-ins has just come out, and as of late this morning, the basin is a virtual ghost town. The Minerals Management Service, which regulates offshore Gulf oil and gas activity, says personnel have been evacuated from 518, or more than 72 […]  More »

Offshore installations finalize preparations for Gustav (Updated)

UPDATED 2:30 p.m.: Gulf of Mexico oil and gas operators are finishing efforts to evacuate workers and shut down production. The federal government said that as of 11:30 a.m. today, personnel have been whisked to shore from 223 platforms, or about one-third of the Gulf’s 717 manned installations. Workers from 45 drilling rigs, or 37 […]  More »

Want details of Gulf preparations ahead of Gustav? Here they are, updated regularly

Valero update (2 p.m.) “Valero continues to closely monitor the track and strength of Tropical Storm Gustav. Our Gulf Coast refineries from Houston to St. Charles, La. remain on alert and at this time are operating at planned rates. We have taken preliminary precautions to secure equipment and have lined up emergency supplies if they’re […]  More »

Updating energy industry storm preparations

ConocoPhillips update (Friday Aug. 29, 9:30 a.m.) “The projected path of Gustav is still highly dependent on the status of high pressure over the eastern Gulf of Mexico, but several computer models continue to predict the storm will make landfall between the Alabama and East Texas coast, likely on Tuesday. Given the projected path for […]  More »

Getting geared-up for Gustav

Exxon Refinery in Beaumont was flooded after Hurricane Rita, late Sept. 2005. The storm shut down a fifth of the nation’s refining capacity. (Mayra Beltran/Chronicle) The Gulf oil and gas industry continues to prepare for a possible hit on its facilities from Hurricane Gustav. <a href=" Here is the latest from Shell: “Today, Shell plans […]  More »

Can you undo electric deregulation?

It’s a common refrain from readers whenever we write about electricity in Texas: “This whole game of trying to figure out which electric provider to place your bet on is one I don’t feel electric users should have to play. Let’s go back to a regulated power supply.” This reader isn’t alone: “Yes, you can […]  More »

Chron Energy Links: 08.25.08

A few of the energy related items on and elsewhere around the Web: • REX work row gets messier, producers call operator myopic: To delay maintenance or not on Rockies line? • Telecommunications needs being met in Gulf: Improving grid benefits energy industry and others. • State makes push for clarity on power plans: […]  More »

New electric info: what the changes may look like

The Texas Public Utility Commission is in the process of rewriting the rules for how certain information about electric power plans must be presented to customers. This isn’t about how your monthly bill looks but rather two other documents the Electric Facts Label and Terms of Service – two documents you should check out when […]  More »

Houston natural gas traders sentenced

Michelle Valencia and her attorney Chris Flood in 2003. More than five years after the first indictment and two years since conviction, former Dynegy trader Michelle Valencia and former El Paso trader Greg Singleton were sentenced Thursday for their roles in what many had called a long-lived and widespread problem in the natural gas markets. […]  More »

Speculator revealed?

This blog has written repeatedly about a move by commodity regulators in July that essentially revealed speculators played a much larger role in oil futures markets than previously realized. The big question that remained: who was the company that the Commodity Futures Trading Commission determined was actually a speculator, not a commercial participant? The top […]  More »

Chron Energy Links: 08.20.08

A few of the energy related items on and elsewhere around the Web: • It’s standing room only at sorghum biofuel gathering: More than 200 attend conference on crop as biofuel • Goodbye to gas-guzzling?: Price drop will tell if drivers have really changed. • Schools go to 4-day week, other cuts thanks to […]  More »

UPDATE: Much ado about the lease sale

The U.S. Department of the Interior’s Minerals Management Service has done a number of lease sales for Gulf of Mexico oil and natural gas exploration in recent years, but the lease sale that will be finalized today is getting a bit more attention. It’s the first lease sale since President Bush last month lifted an […]  More »

UPDATE: Can energy keep the candidates' attention?

Sunrise or sunset? Sure, $4 gasoline got the presidential candidates’ attention. And Congress’ efforts to pass energy legislation kept it on the burner for a little while longer. But the decline in oil prices and the end of peak driving season threatened to lead us back toward the usual apathy politicians (and the public) feel […]  More »

Shell positions massive Perdido spar (w/video)

Shell has posted some footage of the placement of the Perdido spar, a platform that will tap into several deepwater Gulf of Mexico oil fields to bring millions of barrels of oil ashore in the coming years. Known officially as the Shell-operated Perdido Regional Development Spar, the equipment will be anchored to the seafloor in […]  More »

Oil speculators: a question of data

The Chronicle’s David Ivanovich reported today about concerns lawmakers have about the quality of the data the Commodity Futures Trading Commission compiles on oil trading and how that data was used in a recent report. “In a letter to Inspector General A. Roy Lavik, the lawmakers raised questions about a July 22 interim report, in […]  More »
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