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Why aren't we conserving power?

One of the promises of electric deregulation is supposed to be product innovation, much like breaking up telecom monopolies led to better phone service. That hasn’t panned out quite yet. Yes, we’ve got a choice of rate plans, “green power” and plans that track natural gas prices . There are even some nifty devices out […]  More »

Where greenhouse gases are welcome

Got some CO2 you’re looking to get rid of? The Scottish Centre for Carbon Storage can help… sort of. The research center, a partnership between the University of Edinburgh, Heriot-Watt University and the British Geological Survey, has set up an interactive Google Earth map showing carbon capture and storage sites (or planned sites) around the […]  More »

Earnings for Insomniacs

Want to get the first skinny on Royal Dutch Shell’s second-quarter results? Set that alarm clock. The European oil major’s headquarters in The Netherlands is seven hours ahead of its U.S. arm, Shell Oil Co., in Houston. But the dedicated, the curious and the sleepless can get the first word on the company’s results by […]  More »

UPDATEX2: PUC staff: Just say 'no' to POLR relief

Wouldn’t you love to have a rate like that now? Several Texas electric retailers went out of business earlier this summer, sending some 40,000 customers onto higher priced plans with new providers — a little drama we’ve written about extensively in this blog and in the paper. Earlier this month Texas Legal Services Center and […]  More »

Valero's Klesse: Congress interested in 'scoring populist political points'

Valero Energy, the San Antonio-based oil refiner and gasoline retailer, tends to be the most open of the U.S. refiners. They regularly publish a schedule of refinery maintenance work months in advance and send reporters notice on accidents and unplanned outages before we even pick up the phone to call. Valero’s Corpus Christi refinery. In […]  More »

Texas power record pending?

Texas PUC says turn off that extra light! The Public Utility Commission has put out a Yellow Conservation Alert for this week, warning that high temperatures expected this week could push the state to new records for power usage. Before you start panicking, this doesn’t mean state officials believe doom is pending. The “Yellow” alert […]  More »

Chron Energy Links: 07.28.08

A few of the energy related items on and elsewhere around the Web: • We need to be realistic in our energy aspirations: Loren Steffy’s five-point plan • UT banking on profit from oil land deals: Up to $1 billion possible to beef up its endowment • Biggest Chinese oil producer to slash jobs […]  More »

Houston dodges the $4 bullet

We got close, but the refining capital of the U.S. appears to have just missed reaching that dubious milestone of $4 per gallon average gasoline prices. From the AP: Florencio Blanco of Houston pumps gas at a station owned by Petroleum Wholesale, operating under the name Sunmart, on the 9400 block of the North Freeway […]  More »

Dolly's impact on GOM production wanes

The daily update from the Minerals Management Service on the impact of Tropical Storm Dolly : • Approximately 1.39 percent of the oil production in the Gulf has been shut-in (down from 4.47 percent Wednesday). Estimated oil production from the Gulf of Mexico as of January 2008 was 1.3 million barrels of oil per day. […]  More »

CFTC: Speculation doesn't affect oil prices. No, wait, it does.

The Commodity Futures Trading Commission today announced charges against Optiver, a Netherlands-based trading firm with Chicago offices, accusing it of manipulating oil, heating oil and gasoline prices in March 2007. The company is accused of driving prices both up and down to a profit of more than $1 million. Image from Optiver web site. From […]  More »

Dolly's oil and gas impact still small

The daily update from the Minerals Management Service on the impact of now Hurricane Dolly : About 4.47 percent of the oil production in the Gulf has been shut-in (or about 58,000 barrels per day based on a Jan. 2008 estimated output of 1.3 million barrels of oil) and 7.87 percent of the natural gas […]  More »

Alaska House votes for TransCanada gas pipeline

Last night Alaska’s House of Representatives voted to award a license to TransCanada to build a natural gas pipeline off the North Slope to the Lower 48. TransCanada had the only proposal accepted under the state’s Alaska Gasline Inducement Act, but it is still seen as in competition with a plan by BP and ConocoPhillips […]  More »

Dolly cuts into GOM oil and gas output

Workers disembark from a helicopter aboard the the BP Thunder Horse platform Tuesday, Nov. 13, 2007. Dolly is no where near here, but it’s a nice photo anyhow. ( Brett Coomer / Chronicle) The Minerals Management Service’s daily update on the impact of Tropical Storm Dolly shows a small impact on Gulf of Mexico oil […]  More »

UPDATE: GOM Storm Season 2008 gets under way….

One recurring theme that helps keep energy reporters in Houston employed is hurricane season. Shell decided to kick off this year’s edition with the first notice of evacuations from offshore oil and gas operations in advance of Tropical Storm Dolly: 21 Jul 2008Shell GoM Offshore E&P Operations 8AM Central – Upstream (This information is up-to-date […]  More »

Hugo, Joe Kennedy and mercury in light bulbs: a follow-up

Our story today about Venezuelan refiner Citgo buying 460,000 compact fluoresent light bulbs for low income families in the U.S. has led to a spirited online debate (ok, maybe debate is too charitable a term) and a few phone calls. Joseph P. Kennedy II, Citizens Energy Chairman, greets Rixio Media, followed by the president and […]  More »
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