Chron Energy Links: 05.28.08

A few of the energy related items on and elsewhere around the Web:
White says plants have work to do on benzene
Critics question Mayor White’s motives for environmental push
National Power pulls the plug on customers, second retailer this month
Senator seeking answers on oil: Panel chairman wants speculators’ role examined
Energy agency foresees more expensive oil
Now an oil importer, Indonesia leaving OPEC
CERA Finds Power Plant Costs Doubled
US Senate gears up for June 2 debate on landmark GHG bill
High Energy Costs Could Bring Back Jobs
Do Kyoto projects succeed in cutting carbon?
Combating Global Warming with Efficiency is a Win-Win says AGA, NRDC: press release
Green Grand Prix crowns 89 mpg biodiesel Harley a winner
Would you trust a farmer … to use Excel?
Coors: Official E85 Ethanol Producer for the 2008 Democratic National Convention
Enron’s next failure: debt collection
And The Wind Cries Nimby
Example of Non-Compliances with Offshore Safety Requirement.: Crazy video only a rough neck would love.
Spectra Energy to Pursue Feasibility of Large-Scale Carbon Capture and Storage Project in British Columbia