Chron Energy Links: 05.21.08

A few of the energy related items on and elsewhere around the Web:
Oil execs ask Congress to allow more U.S. drilling
Pemex reform has ‘lost too much time’, says Fox
EHRC deals with inquiry: Five Questions with Peter Ntephe
Redesign for power grid moved back indefinitely
BP report finds progress, room for improvement: Monitor urges ‘sustained effort’ in safety process
US energy-related CO2 emissions increase 1.6% in 2007: EIA
Climate bill in US Senate would cost $5.65 trillion: summary
Deloitte survey of consumers and utility regulators
“… there is no question in my mind that market fundamentals are the main reason for the broader 5-year move up in oil prices.”
FERC Augments, Revamps Enforcement Guidance and Procedures
Populist Pipeline Planning in Alaska: One man’s view of the long history of the gas line.
FuelFrog tracks your gas consumption, Twitters