Chron Energy Links: 05.12.08

A few of the energy related items on and elsewhere around the Web:
Criticism grows for dual role at Exxon
Costs may slow nuclear upswing
Colorado’s oil shale lures Shell
Output from huge Kashagan field delayed once again
Eight days in May: Stage set for higher fuel prices last week
Saudi response to US request for more oil expected to be polite, but hardly meaningful
British scientists develop CO2 to natural gas process
McCain to call for mandatory GHG cuts in Monday speech
McCain to endorse Lieberman-Warner?
Chevron Opens First LEED Gold Certified Building in Louisiana
El Paso pipelines become ‘Founding Reporters’ of the Climate Registry
Venezuela says oil reserves grew 30 percent
Enstar Advances Bullet Line Plans
Palm Bay Police Chief bans patrol cars from idling
Nigeria LNG to mull gas policy before moving ahead with expansion
Magellan says to build products line from Port Arthur refineries