Chron Energy Links: 04.30.08

A few of the energy related items on and elsewhere around the Web:
Pioneering vessel clears a Gulf hurdle
More oil drilling a must, Bush says: Prods Congress to eye Alaska, won’t stop adding to reserve
BP, Shell ride high oil prices
Waste Management to make LNG from landfill gas
Grocers, farmers face off over ethanol subsidies
Sunoco unit to buy Texas fuel pipeline from Exxon
Dissecting the EIA monthly revisions — disappearing demand
Group says energy companies must disclose more
Real energy issues for next president to address
Colbert’s Wørd discusses the magic of ethanol
Court Forces Government to Move on Polar Bear Status
OPEC chief joins $200 oil chorus
Domenici targets ban on military purchases of high-emission fuels
Russia’s Gazprom, Germany’s VNG to build gas storage in Germany
Valero cutting throughput at St. Charles, Corpus Christi plants: Looking at “marginal value of gas” in high oil environment.
Uranium’s long-term price drops to around $90/lb