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March LNG: No lion, all lamb

Preliminary data for LNG imports into the U.S. in March confirms what we already knew: 2008 is not going to come anywhere near the record imports of 2007, according to an analysis by Pan EurAsian Enterprises. Just wait until next month: Cheniere’s Celestine River will show up at the Sabine Pass terminal on April 12. […]  More »

Chron Energy Items: 03.31.08

A few of the energy related stories in the Houston Chronicle or on over the weekend and today: • With Angola a hot spot for exploration, Chevron flies workers from Africa to Louisiana to complete training for offshore jobs: It was break time at Chevron Corp.’s Louisiana training center for offshore workers, but Manuel […]  More »

The coal plant ex-Mayor Miller does support

Former Dallas Mayor Laura Miller may have led the fight against TXU’s coal plants but that doesn’t mean she’s against all coal power plants. Penwell, Tx., near Odessa, lost out on FutureGen but it might get a bigger prize. (AP Photo/Joshua Scheide) While in Houston Thursday for the local premiere of Fighting Goliath: Texas Coal […]  More »

Chron Energy Items: 03.28.08

A few of the energy related stories in the Houston Chronicle or on today: • Reliant stands to gain from preservation gift: Reliant Energy’s $300,000 gift to help preserve coastal forests near Houston also will help the company get ready for a future fixture of the power business — carbon trading. • Digest: Brazil […]  More »

Colombia not just looking for Big Oil…

While our headline today told part of the story about Colombian officials bringing their oil and gas lease road show through town , it’s not just the majors they’re hoping to attact. Armando Zamora, director general of Colombia’s oil and gas ministry. (Chronicle/James Nielsen) Colombia is targeting its marketing efforts at companies that might be […]  More »

Chron Energy Items: 03.27.08

A few of the energy related stories in the Houston Chronicle or on today: • Colombia courts oil cos. to pump up its production: Venezuela may be stiff-arming Western oil companies, but at least one of its neighbors is greeting them with arms open. Biogasoline idea refined by Dutch Shell, U.S. firm: It looks […]  More »

Chron Energy Items: 03.25/26.08

A few of the recent energy related stories in the Houston Chronicle or on • Chevron executive touts conservation: The U.S. government must make conserving energy the “American thing to do” as the world’s energy needs increase and fossil fuels become harder to find, a top Chevron Corp. executive said Tuesday. • Natural gas […]  More »

Chron Energy Items: 03.24.08

A few of the energy related stories in the Houston Chronicle or on today and over the weekend : • Weak dollar has had strong grip on oil: The dollar goes down and oil goes up as interest rate cuts send investors to commodities. But last week, both switched directions slightly. • Homebuyers take […]  More »

Chron Energy Items: 03.21.08

A few of the energy related stories in the Houston Chronicle or on : • Higher electric bills are on the way: A once-rosy outlook for Texas electricity customers has turned thorny as electric rates follow a surge in the price of natural gas, the fuel used by nearly half the state’s generators. • […]  More »

Chron Energy Items: 03.20.08

A few of the energy related stories in the Houston Chronicle or on : • Drivers have had fill with premium gasoline: Luxury vehicle owners trying to use less or switch to cheaper grades. The price of premium-grade gasoline has been rising faster than you can say Mercedes-Benz. • KBR questioned over fatal accidents […]  More »

Another GOM lease sale record

Companies bid more than $3.7 billion for the right to drill for oil and gas in Eastern and Central parts of the Gulf of Mexico, topping the record $2.9 billion raised in a sale in October, according to the Minerals Management Service. BP’s Thunder Horse platform. This lease sale is another milestone in that it’s […]  More »

ETP settles ship channel gas manipulation claims

We only mentioned this in passing in the print edition earlier this week, so it’s worth repeating via blog… Energy Transfer Partners, the Dallas-based firm the CFTC and FERC accused of trying to manipulate natural gas prices through the Houston Ship Channel has settled the claims for $10 million. Essentially Energy Transfer was accused of […]  More »
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